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The Structure and Function of the Urinary System

This is an advanced anatomy and physiology course designed primarily for pre-med (human medicine) majors. The course will describe primarily the role of the kidneys in the regulation of osmotic balance, electrolyte balance and pH balance as required for the maintenance of in cellular and total body homeostasis. The physiology of nephrons, the functional units of the kidney, in glomerular filtration, tubular reabsorption and tubular secretion will be detailed. The countercurrent mechanisms involved in these activities will be described. In addition, contemporary ideas with regard to the role of the kidneys in other biological and physiological activities will be discussed. These include: 1) the role of the kidney in blood pressure regulation; 2) the role of the kidney in Ca homeostasis; 3) the role of the kidney in erythropoiesis, 4) and others. The course will close with a discussion of renal pathophysiology. The course does have a laboratory component. This will involve studies on: 1) the gross anatomy of the kidneys; 2) the histology of the kidneys; and 3) the electron microscopy of a nephron

Credit Hours
BIOL 2311
Additional Prerequisites

Completion of BIOL 2311 with a grade of C or better

School of Arts and Sciences