1. Faculty & Advisory Board

Damon Boria, PhD

Dr. Damon Boria is an Associate Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Department. He earned his doctorate in philosophy from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. On faculty at FranU since 2013, he regularly teaches Ethical Issues in Healthcare and other courses in philosophy. His research interest include existentialism, environmental philosophy, and philosophy of literature.

John Meinert, PhD

Dr. John Meinert is an Assistant Professor of Theology. He received his doctorate from the Catholic University of America in Moral Theology/Ethics, Bioethics, Catholic Social Thought, and Spirituality. His research interest include Catholic moral theology, Thomas Aquinas, and Thomism.

Valerie Schluter, PhD, RN

Dr. Valerie Schluter is an Associate Professor of Nursing and the Director of the QEP. She earned her doctorate in Educational Theory, Policy and Research from Louisiana State University. She is currently enrolled in the Certification in Bioethics Program through the National Catholics Bioethics Center. Her research interest include the socialization of clinical faculty into academic citizenship, student development and student success.