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This is the initial course schedule showing ALL courses and times. Current students can go to WebServices for an up-to-the-minute listing of seat availability. New students can get this information through their advisors.

Course availability is subject to change. If a course is available at the time of viewing this document, that DOES NOT guarantee availability at the time of registration.

Classroom assignments are based on building name and room number. The building abbreviations are as follows:

  • LA = Liberal Arts Building
  • NURS = Nursing Building
  • SCI = Science Building
  • HS = Health Science Building
  • HSA = Health Science Building Annex
  • LIB = Library
  • BLRB = Biological Learning and Research Building

Course Schedules

Document TitleTypeFile Size
Document Title: 2021 Fall CoursesType: pdfFile Size: 24.715 KBDownload
Document Title: 2021 Summer CoursesType: pdfFile Size: 9.491 KBDownload
Document Title: 2021 Spring CoursesType: pdfFile Size: 24.013 KBDownload
Document Title: 2020 Fall CoursesType: pdfFile Size: 25.738 KBDownload
Document Title: 2020 Summer CoursesType: pdfFile Size: 10.604 KBDownload
Document Title: 2020 Spring Course OfferingsType: pdfFile Size: 22.899 KBDownload
Document Title: 2019 Summer CoursesType: pdfFile Size: 7.466 KBDownload
Document Title: 2019 Fall CoursesType: pdfFile Size: 20.722 KBDownload
Document Title: 2019 Spring CoursesType: pdfFile Size: 20.922 KBDownload
Document Title: 2018 Fall Course ScheduleType: pdfFile Size: 20.179 KBDownload
Document Title: 2018 Summer Course ScheduleType: pdfFile Size: 7.785 KBDownload
Document Title: 2018 Spring Course ScheduleType: pdfFile Size: 20.52 KBDownload