What can I do with a Certificate in Catholic Theology and Catechesis?

This theology certificate program allows students to gain a sufficient theological background to effectively share the Catholic faith with others in a variety of contexts. Students will have a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith and will learn how to read scripture, understand church history and engage with moral theology.

This certificate will aid one in teaching religion at Catholic schools, serving as catechists, becoming directors of religious education at parishes and becoming youth ministers. Laity who minister in the name of the Church within the Diocese of Baton Rouge are expected to acquire whatever theological and practical formation is necessary for the role(s) undertaken.

The Certificate in Catholic Theology and Catechesis meets all of the following required minimum levels of catechetical certification (these are the mandatory requirements for formation of lay ministers in the diocese):

  1. Catechists in Catholic elementary schools and parochial elementary and high school programs of religious education are required to obtain “Basic Certification.” (MAT-DIOBR)
  2. Principals of Catholic schools are required to obtain “Intermediate Certification.” (MAT-DIOBR)
  3. Catechists in Catholic high schools, religion coordinators in Catholic schools at any level, and parochial coordinators of religious education and of sacramental preparation are required to obtain “Advanced Certification.”

How much does the Catholic Theology Certificate program cost?

To determine program costs, use the Cost Calculator tool.

Is financial aid available to students in the certificate program?

Students pursuing the Catholic Theology Certificate can access financial assistance through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), or through financial aid or scholarships within FranU.

To learn more about financial aid opportunities, visit the Office of Financial Aid page.