DPT Degree Prerequisites

Prerequisite courses* in which a grade of C or better is required include:

  • General Biology and lab (8 credit hours)

  • Upper-level Biology or Chemistry (2000 level or above) (3 credit hours)

  • General Chemistry and lab (8 credit hours)

  • Human Anatomy (3 credit hours)

  • Human Physiology (3 credit hours)
    - Or 6 hours of combined Human Anatomy and Physiology

  • General Physics and lab (8 credit hours)

  • Math [Algebra or higher] (6 credit hours)

  • Statistics (3 credit hours)

  • General Psychology (3 credit hours)

  • Upper-level Psychology [preferably Child/Developmental Psychology and/or Abnormal Psychology] (3 credit hours)

  • General English Composition/Writing (6 credit hours)

  • Upper-level English Composition/Writing [2000 level or above] (3 credit hours)

  • Medical Terminology (1 credit hour)

*All coursework will be reviewed with regard to course acceptability as meeting prerequisite requirements. If you have questions regarding acceptability of coursework, please email us.

Early Decision Information

The early decision deadline for the present application cycle is now open. Those wishing to be considered for early decision for the application cycle will need to have their application verified through PTCAS prior to November 1.

Early Decision Process

In order to be considered in the early decision process with FranU DPT, applicants must indicate via prompt questions on PTCAS of plan to apply early decision. Applicants must complete the PTCAS online application and submit the following supporting documents at the PTCAS website.

  • Transcripts from all colleges and universities listed on your application.

  • Prerequisite information: applicants must have no more than 9 outstanding hours of prerequisite courses and must maintain minimum required GPA and a C or better in outstanding prerequisite courses.

  • GRE scores (program code 4462).

  • At least two letters of recommendation from licensed physical therapists under which you completed observation hours AND who submitted hours to PTCAS.

  • Documentation of at least 60 hours of physical therapy observation.

  • Personal statement.

Early Decision Deadlines

PTCAS will allow application submission starting July 1. The early decision deadline for the DPT program is November 1. PTCAS applications must be completed and all transcripts received by PTCAS by this date. Application fees and/or transcripts arriving after November 1 will be considered in our regular application cycle.

Early Decision Interviews

Interviews for the early decision process are tentatively scheduled for early to mid-December.

Admissions Status

Early Decision letters will be delivered no later than January 15th. If offered early admission, applicants are not bound to the university; however, a non-refundable enrollment deposit will be required to accept and hold the position in the cohort. If applicants are denied early admission, the application will be automatically returned to regular applicant status for continued consideration in the regular application cycle.