Is a career in Medical Laboratory Science right for me?

If you are a problem solver with a passion for the science laboratory and attention to detail and you desire to work in a carreer which can help people, MLS may be the right profession for you.

I already have a Bachelor's degree, can I enter directly into the MLS program?

In most cases, yes. Please contact Deborah Fox (Deborah.fox@franu.edu, 225-768-1727) for a complete transcript review. Most science-based Bachelor's degrees include the appropriate credits to transfer directly into the MLS program and begin the 18-month curriculum.

When does the MLS program start?

The MLS program accepts a new cohort of students to begin in the summer semester each year.

Is this a good major to choose if I am considering a future graduate degree such as Physician Assistant, Medical or Veterinary School?

Yes, the MLS curriculum and experience within the MLS field provides an exceptional foundation for advanced career opportunities. Several graduates of the MLS program have chosen to continue their education in graduate school and all have been very successful in advanced healthcare coursework.

Can I take a MLS course if I am not a MLS major?

Yes, contact Deborah Fox (Deborah.fox@franu.edu, 225-768-1727) to find out which MLS courses are available to non-MLS students who have taken the appropriate pre-requisite coursework.