How long is the post masters certificate FNP program?

You may complete the FNP certificate program in either one or two years, depending on your previous coursework.

How will classes be delivered?

The program is composed of sequential and integrated courses designed to facilitate the achievement of its program graduate learning outcomes. Courses will be delivered in a blend of online and in-person learning.

How can I have courses waived?

Students who have completed the three Ps (pathophysiology, pharmacology and physical assessment) at an advanced practice level as part of their initial MSN plan may request a waiver of these courses if they were completed within three (3) years of applying.

Courses requested for waiver will be analyzed in comparison to the requirements of the University’s MSN-FNP program. Courses will be waived if they meet the required course objectives, are deemed equivalent by the FNP faculty workgroup and were passed by the applicant with a grade of B or above.