How do I apply to the PTA program?

Each year, the PTA program admits students to begin in the summer semester of each year. The application cycle to the PTA program begins in October and concludes February 1 of the following year. During this time, the student interested in the PTA program should consult with the office of advising to begin the process of being admitted to the University and subsequently applying to the PTA program. The office of advising can assist you as you submit all of the documents needed for admission to the University. The office of admissions will review your transcripts and other documents. Once you are admitted into the University, you would next meet again with the office of advising to set your spring semester schedule and begin the process of applying to the PTA program.

When is the deadline to apply to the PTA program?

February 1st.

Of the courses that I have previously taken, which ones will transfer to FranU?

The Office of Admissions will review your college transcript(s) to determine which of the courses you have previously taken will transfer into FranU. When selecting courses at other universities, the student should consider courses that match the course descriptions of the courses required for the FranU PTA program.

Does FranU accept online courses from other universities?

The Office of Admissions will consider any online course for transfer credit at FranU. However, the course must match the course description of a similar course offered at FranU. The online course should be offered at the same level as the course at FranU and have appropriate rigor. Lastly, the student must achieve a passing grade in the course (C or better) using the same grading scale used in the similar course offered at FranU.

How can I find out more information about the PTA program?

For more information about the PTA program, email: pta@franu.edu.

How long is the PTA program?

The minimum length of the PTA program is 5 semesters, though many students choose to proceed at a slower pace.

What is the average starting salary?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual salary for PTAs is $49,180.

Where can I work?

With only a few exceptions, the PTA can work in any setting that delivers physical therapy services to patients/clients.

Do I need to turn in my log sheet indicating my total volunteer or work experience as part of my application?

No. The PTA admissions team does NOT need a copy of your log sheet to be submitted as part of your application packet. An example template of a log sheet is provided to you on this page as a courtesy under the Resources section.

A component of your online application (Clinical Reference Form) will ask your supervising PT or PTA to indicate the total number of volunteer and work hours you completed in their clinic. The log sheet simply helps you and your clinical supervisor PT or PTA keep track of the total number of hours that you have either worked or volunteered while in their clinic.

What is the acceptance rate of FranU's PTA Program?

In the previous admissions cycle, we had 31 applicants, 17 were admitted to the program in June 2024.