How long is the Respiratory therapy program?

The respiratory therapy program is designed so students can complete all of the prerequisite and professional courses within a four-year period.

The professional (clinical portion) courses involve lecture/laboratory coursework and clinical experiences at various clinical sites in the greater Baton Rouge area. Professional courses will focus on preparing students to provide respiratory care services in general and acute care settings.

Are evening classes available?

Currently the professional (clinical) portion of the program is only available in the daytime hours, typically from 7am- 4pm.

What is the class schedule like during the clinical phase of the program at FranU?

During the professional phase of the Respiratory Therapy program students are in class, lab or clinics for approximately 30-35 hours/week.

Besides tuition what additional costs can I expect as a Respiratory therapy student?

Textbooks: $400.00/semester (approximate)

Uniforms/shoes (2 sets) $100

Watch with second hand or digital watch $25.00

Trajecys clinical report system $150.00

Stethoscope with ID label $50.00

Registration for LSRC Annual Convention: $65.00 (subject to change)

AARC Student membership $60.00 (subject to change)

Graduation fees: see university website

Post-graduation costs: see university website

NBRC TMC exam fee: new applicant $190.00

NBRC Clinical simulation exam fee new applicant $200.00

License Application Fee: $175.00 (subject to change)

Can I work in a Respiratory Therapy Department while I'm enrolled in the professional phase of the curriculum?

In Louisiana, respiratory therapists must be licensed in order to perform patient care. Jobs for students are available; however duties do not include patient care.

What is the job outlook for respiratory therapists?

The job market for credentialed respiratory therapists is promising; according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in respiratory therapy are expected to increase by 14% over the next 10 years, much faster than the national average of 5%. This employment growth can be attributed to an aging population, nationwide air quality issues and advances in medical care.
The current Baton Rouge area salary for new graduate RTs is approximately $25/hr. Salary.com reports that the median annual salary for RTs in Baton Rouge is $68,468.

When can I apply for admission to the Respiratory Therapy program at FranU?

Applications for the clinical phase of the RT program are due March 15 of the year preceding the first clinical semester (fall). Applications may be submitted BEFORE all coursework is completed, Actions based upon applications so received are provisional; students so admitted (with provision) must complete all pre-professional courses by the end of the summer semester preceding the clinical year. Interested students are strongly urged to seek academic counseling from a member of the University Academic Advisors or Respiratory Therapy faculty.