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The Premedical Advisory Committee Letter of Recommendation is written for current students and alumni who seek application to clinical graduate programs (medical, dental, physician assistant, pharmacy, physical therapy, etc.). Admissions Committees for professional graduate programs typically advise that recommendation letters come from the institution’s advisory committee if it is available.

The Committee will conduct a personal interview with the student in the spring semester of the year the student intends to apply for admission (for matriculation in fall of the following year). Committee letters are submitted to graduate schools or application services during the summer semester following the interview.

The Premedical Advisory Committee comprises a variety of science faculty, some who may not have previously associated with the student. The student should prepare a one-page resume or curriculum vitae to share with members of the committee. The evaluation will consider both the student’s interview performance as well as experience from the experiences Committee faculty have had with the student.

To request an application for an interview and evaluation by the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University Premedical Advisory Committee please email Dr. Natalie Lenard at