FranU Students Help Administer over 1200 COVID Vaccines

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  2. FranU Students Help Administer over 1200 COVID Vaccines

FranU undergraduate nursing students have participated in administering over 1200 COVID vaccines to members of Our Lady of the Lake healthcare organizations.

Cindra Schneider, assistant nursing professor, said that once she received her vaccine and saw how it worked, she asked if the students could participate in the next semester as part of their community practicum.

“They come away with a greater understanding of how important it is to communicate, educate, comfort and calm each person. They do sense that it is an important initiative and of course, it emphasizes what we discuss in class, that nursing goes well beyond the walls of a hospital. Students also get to experience what service can mean to the health of a community and they will potentially take this into their professional lives,” said Schneider.

Students in their second and fourth semesters had the chance to volunteer.

Danielle Lockhart, nursing student said, “It brings up emotions for me because it feels like we’re a part of history.”

Student Ashlee Dean stated, “It was a little nerve-racking at first but as the morning went on, it boosted my confidence; it makes me feel like I’m doing something important.”

As the clinic closed down in the auditorium and moved to the Pennington Center, FranU was asked to find more students willing to give vaccines. “I plan to select some days in during the summer after finals are over, as several students mentioned they would be willing to volunteer,” concluded Schneider.

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