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Health Care Risk Management 

FranU has partnered with the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF HEALTHCARE RISK MANAGEMENT (ASHRM) to offer a seminar that provides the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as a health care risk management professional.

The on-campus seminar is a learner-centered in-person training with an emphasis on interactivity. Participants will interact with leading faculty in the field of risk management to learn about the concepts, scenarios and critical decisions required for the role.

FranU also offers a series of three online risk management courses include:

  1. Introduction to Healthcare Risk Management
  2. Application of Healthcare Risk Management
  3. Advanced Principles and Strategic Models of Healthcare Risk Management

This training is highly recommended for working healthcare professionals and those who may want to work in the risk management area of healthcare.

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Program Contacts
  • Point of Contact: Elaine Purdy, PhD
  • Phone: (225) 526-1616
  • Direct LIne: (615) 394-0001
  • Email:

Become a Professional in Healthcare Risk Management

Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University offers a hybrid online and in-person three-course series in healthcare risk management for students or professionals who want to acquire or enhance their skills and knowledge. FranU has partnered with the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) to offer this series of risk management education and seminars.

Designed for risk and quality managers, insurance and claims professionals, safety officers, healthcare administrators, financial officers, clinicians and other healthcare professionals or individuals interested in the risk management area, students will receive a certificate of completion from ASHRM.

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Why Study Risk Management in Healthcare?

  • Meeting industry needs - Due to the pandemic and the global emphasis on crisis management, risk management has grown into one of the most important careers in the healthcare industry.

  • In-demand skills - Companies today realize the need for trained and experienced healthcare risk management professionals. The job market is high-paying, and the field is growing for these professionals.

Seminar partnership - FranU is partnered with the American Society of Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) to offer national seminars in healthcare risk management.

Who Is the Program Right For?

The program is ideal for individuals who desire to work at the intersection of healthcare, business and management. If you are curious about the way these disciplines interact with the healthcare industry, have an interest in making an impact in improving patient and organizational outcomes or want to learn to lead, then the healthcare risk management training at FranU is right for you.

Students who enroll in the healthcare risk management program are typically those who work in the field of healthcare; however, enrollment certainly doesn’t exclude those who work in the business world or are currently pursuing a related degree and wish to hone their skills further.

Program Features

  • Online Delivery of course with two-day in person seminar
  • Provides Nursing education credits and/or American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) CEUs for working professionals
  • ASHRM certificate of completion is awarded upon completion of the three seminars
  • Courses offered Fall, Spring and Summer sessions each year
  • Courses do not have to be taken in sequence.

How to Enroll

Option One: Current FranU graduate or senior-level undergraduate students may register through the University for the healthcare risk management courses as an elective.

Option Two: Prospective students who want to enroll in the healthcare risk management courses for credit should complete an application as a nondegree-seeking student. Once the application is submitted, you can expect to receive instructions for registration.

Option Three: Prospective students with business or healthcare experience or who have an interest in learning and working in healthcare risk management may register for the face-to-face two-day seminar offered on a rotation basis each Fall, Spring and Summer. The cost for each seminar is $675.00. The date and time for each session will be listed on the registration form.
Note: Options one and two above include the seminar, and there is no additional cost to the student

Program Cost

For information about the cost of the healthcare risk management program, please contact Elaine Purdy, who can provide more information about tuition rates.

Healthcare Risk Management Careers

By obtaining training in healthcare risk management, professionals expand their potential for career growth. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data for the broader field of medical and health services managers, the median annual wage was $127,980 as of 2022.

Job titles may vary across different healthcare organizations, and some positions may have additional responsibilities beyond risk management. However, individuals with training in healthcare risk management typically play a key role in overseeing risk-related activities and promoting patient safety within the healthcare industry.

Below are some common job titles for individuals in this field:

  • Healthcare Risk Manager

  • Director of Risk Management

  • Risk Management Specialist

  • Patient Safety Manager

  • Compliance Officer

  • Quality and Risk Manager

  • Clinical Risk Analyst

  • Risk and Insurance Coordinator

  • Risk Management Consultant

  • Patient Safety Officer

Empower Patient Safety With FranU's Healthcare Risk Management Program

In FranU’s flexible, hybrid-format healthcare risk management training program, gain the knowledge and skills needed to protect patients, reduce adverse events and ensure compliance with industry standards. Join us today to embark on a rewarding journey toward becoming a professional in healthcare risk management.