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Cell Biology

This course will present information related to cytology, cellular physiology, and molecular biology. The primary concepts to be presented will include the following. I. An overview of cells and cell research. II. Cell-to-cell signaling and communication during development. III. Cell structure and function. IV. Cell regulation. Specific topics to be covered are: 1) the ER, Golgi complex and lysosomes and their role in protein sorting and transport;2) mitochondria, peroxisomes, glyoxysomes and chloroplasts in bioenergetics and metabolism; 3) the cytoskeleton and its role in cell movement and form; 4) the plasma lemma and the cell surface; 5) cell signaling; 6) the cell cycle; 7) and cancer. Research in cell biology and contemporary techniques for studying cells will be emphasized throughout the course.

Credit Hours
Additional Prerequisites

12 semester credit hours in BIOL

School of Arts and Sciences