General Policies For Transfer Credit

Transfer of Course Credits for All Degree/Certificate Programs

Credit earned at an accredited college or university is transferable provided the course is equivalent in content to the course offered at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University. Time limits for transferability of some courses may exist. Information is available in the Office of Admissions.

Course work evaluated for transfer at the time the student makes formal application for admission to the University will not expire as long as the student is continuously enrolled. Courses accepted for transfer at the time the student is admitted to the University may not be accepted for transfer at the time the student applies for admission to a degree/certificate program. Students should refer to degree/certificate program admission requirements for details.

Transfer Equivalents

The transfer equivalency tables are provided for general information and are NOT to be considered as official transfer policy. The data is provided to assist transferring students to gain a better understanding of how certain courses may have been evaluated in the past.

Transfer applicants are encouraged to seek evaluation of official transcripts early in the admission process.

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