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Over 160 Our Lady of the Lake College students were conferred master’s, bachelor’s or associate degrees during the College’s commencement exercises held on Friday, December 19.

During his keynote speech, Reverend Matthew P. Lorrain, pastor of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Brusly, Louisiana talked about the importance of mentors to the success of new graduates. Father Lorrain was ordained to the priesthood in 1986 and appointed Vocation Director from 2005-2012 after having served in several parishes in the Diocese of Baton Rouge. A long-time advocate of catholic education and vocation, Father Lorrain is a current Our Lady of the Lake College Board Trustee.

The College awarded its Student Excellence and Commitment to Service Award to Bridget Jones, a bachelor’s degree in nursing graduate. In addition to maintaining a very high gpa, Bridget Jones was an outstanding a leader for the college’s Student Nurses Association (SNA), and served as the Louisiana state SNA President and regional representative at conferences in Tennessee and the Carolinas. A strong advocate for breast cancer awareness, Bridget organized annual walks that involved hundreds of students. She also helped implement a fundraising project for children in Haiti and assisted with CI HealthCare Days, an opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to actively learn about healthcare careers. When asked to name one of her future professional goals, Bridget always includes her desire to “help others as a registered nurse who practices the daily ‘spirit of healing’ by helping the patient’s family members as well as the patient – one day at a time.”

Anticipating trends in healthcare, the College has transitioned away from offering Associate of Science in Nursing degrees and now only offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degrees. This graduation ceremony featured the College’s first foundational BSN class.

School of Arts, Sciences, and Health Professions

Master of Health Administration
Maegan Dunn, Jessica Miller, Jan Pennington

Bachelor of Science in Biology
Kynesha Johnson, Regan Thomas, Marquis Heard

Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Erika Coates, Alicia Joseph, Gavin Montgomery, Chelcee Pollock, Megan Schoonover, Alexis Stratmann, Kali Vicknair, Danielle Williams

Bachelor of Science in Health Service Administration
Johne Walker

School of Nursing

Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia
Jerred Anderson, Kayla Brubaker, Meagan Champagne, Jeremy Dufrene, Parker Ellis, Jodi Fremin, Trevor Grau, Nathan Hanberry, Sam Heath, Travis Hibbert, John Hoffpauir, Douglas Hymel, Michael Johnson, James Keith, Courtney Kelly, Kathryn Kelly, Paul Lafleur, Richard Levy, Deron Lewis, Jarrod Peters, Christina Prendergast, Emily Smith, Brendan Weishaar, Justin Williams, Matthew Williams, Alex Wimberley, Robyn Wriborg

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Sarah Aldridge, Alissa Allen, Shelley Allison, Clayton Alombro, Kristin Alonso, Brandi Anderson, Elizabeth Antoon, Taylor Azar, Katie Ballard, Sunnybrooke Banks, Latoya Barnes, Brittany Barnett, Kalynn Bell, Natalie Bertucci, Heather Best, Erica Blank, Patricia Boguslawski, Nicholas Boone, Raymond Boudreaux, Reva Broussard, Maxwell Breaux, Kristen Bridges, Shalecia Brown, Tracy Burgess, Kayla Cannon, Lyndsi Carter, Christi Chaves, Kassie Claverie, Kenndrica Crum, Kenneth Crum, Lindsey Cullen, Charrisa Culpepper, Alisha Davis, Christopher Davis, Dara Deitch, Kristian Dijamco, Halie Domiano, Morgan Ducote, Ashton Dupuy, Ariyeil Edwards, Ashley Escoe, Daniel Flynn, Lorri Fontenot, Kelli Galiano, Sonjac George, Anita Gilbert, Alicia Giraldo, Margaret Godfrey, Amanda Grzych, Elizabeth Hammett, Kari Hartley, Robert Hawkes, Kristie Henderson, Blake Hoff, Shelly Holder, Tara Hollins, Sarah Holtmyer, Eric Hymel, Lashelle Johnson, Bridget Jones, Kareen Kaltakdjian, Kristopher Kindschuh, Sarah Kolbe, Evan Laiche, Chloe Lawson, Christine Leblanc, Kaelyn LeBlanc, Cassie Lemoine, Melissa Marcantel, Danielle Martrain, Jowana MᶜCaskill, Anastasia McPherson Richardson, Megan McIntosh, Storie Melancon, Natalie Mills Miller, Jessica Moran, Christine Mullally, Rachael Nethken, Sarah Nicholas, Laura Parsons, Caroline Pourciau, Sheena Powell, Isabella Prehn, Jessalyn Prejean, Amberlee Roaden, Charley Roberson, Chase Robert, Naydean Ruffin, Carla Salvatore Bimmler, Danette Scherer, Janeka Scott, Rachael Searcy, Kristen Self, Jessica Simoneaux, Ashleigh Smith, Jarred Smith, Rebecca Smith, Laura Spell, Magahn Stanga, Bradley Taylor, Janie Theriot, Ashley Thornton, Tiffani Traina, Sally Trammell, Megan Vollenweider, Amanda Wallner, Kayeli Watts, Vance White, Molly Whitmore, Leonie Woollery, Caitlin Yeager, Brittany Young, Xiomara Zelaya, Helaine Zito

Associate of Science in Nursing
Nicole Anthony, Ashley Chambers, Rachel Guillory, Kimberly Hutchinson, Ethel Nelson, Tuesday Netherland, Brittany Templet

Note: Graduate list is subject to change. List provided is accurate as of 12/12/14.

Our Lady of the Lake College, located in Louisiana's capital city of Baton Rouge, is a four-year, independent institution, providing a strong foundation in the liberal arts and continuing our highly-regarded health sciences and nursing programs. A private organization founded in 1923 by the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady, we stand as the sole Catholic college in the greater Baton Rouge region.

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