When will I receive information about Orientation and starting classes?

Students should look for email communication regarding orientation and the start of classes. This email will come from the program, and it may be a few weeks after receiving your acceptance as the program finalizes the new cohort.

When is Orientation?

Orientation for DNP-NA students is usually held the first week of classes. The academic calendar contains information on the first day of classes and can be found on our website at https://franu.edu/calendar.

How or when will I register for classes?

We block register DNP-NA students once the offer is accepted and the enrollment deposit is paid. Students will not be responsible for registering on their own for classes. As the start of the semester gets closer students will start to receive information from IS via email regarding their student portal and email accounts.

How/when can I pay my tuition?

Accepted students can contact our Bursar office to discuss paying tuition or creating a payment plan for tuition. Contact information can be found on our website at https://franu.edu/offices-services.

When will I know what book lists have been determined by the program?

Information will be provided via email once book lists have been determined by the program.

Who can I contact in the program if I have questions about my acceptance?

Please contact our Director of Graduate Admissions, Laisha Webb, via email at laisha.webb@franu.edu or by phone at 225-526-1715.

Are there scholarships and grant funding available? How can I start my financial aid?

FranU does not offer graduate level scholarships, however the FranU DNP-NA program does provide grant funding and internal program scholarships to students when available. Some examples are included below:

  • HRSA Grant
    • Grant For several years the Program has applied for and received funding through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Nurse Anesthetist Traineeship (NAT) grant program. The NAT Grants are awarded to accredited institutions that educate registered nurses to become nurse anesthetists; recipient institutions, in turn, disburse funds to students in the form of traineeship support.
    • In 2023 the program was awarded a four-year HRSA NAT Grant. The program utilizes HRSA NAT grant funding to allow for expanded clinical rotations and experiences. The objectives of the grant are to (1) increase the number of graduating CRNAs prepared to work in designated MUA/P, HPSA, rural and/or urban areas; (2) reduce health disparities by preparing students to treat and manage patients with substance use disorders and to examine social determinants of substance abuse; (3) reduce health inequities by preparing students to provide anesthesia obstetric services to diverse patient populations; and (4) increase the diversity of DNP-NA students to better align with the US National Census. All funding from the grant is awarded to DNP-NA students as a stipend to offset the expenses incurred by students in the clinical setting.
  • FMOL Sisters Graduate Scholarship
    • Since 2018 the DNP-NA program has been continuously awarded the “FMOL Sisters Graduate Scholarship”. The program currently receives $80,000 annually from this grant. The program utilizes these scholarships to allow for expanded clinical rotations in rural areas where students are supervised by practitioners seasoned in the delivery of rural health care. The Scholarship money is awarded directly to the DNP-NA student. By offering financial assistance via grant funding, the expenses incurred by the student for rural clinical education and experiences can be partially offset. 

If you intend to apply for financial aid, please complete your FAFSA application here as soon as possible. Our school code for the FAFSA is 031062. The financial aid office can be reached at 225-768-1714 (toll free: 877-242-3509) or financialaid@franu.edu should you have any questions.

Can I work while in the program?

  • Yes, if you choose to do so, work is encouraged during the first two online semesters.
  • By the third semester, once you are on campus, we do not recommend working, but it is not prohibited.

Do I need a Louisiana nursing license?

  • Current, unencumbered license to practice as a registered nurse (RN) in any state with eligibility for licensure in Louisiana is required for admission. You will need a LA nursing license by the first day of classes if you do not have a compact license that covers LA.
  • If you have a compact license that covers the state of Louisiana and it is current and unencumbered, you will meet requirements.
  • Please visit the LSBN website for licensing information: https://www.lsbn.state.la.us/

How can I get FranU swag?

The DNP program will send out an email closer to the start of classes for t-shirt orders. However, students can contact Classic Image Uniforms at any time to order additional FranU swag. https://www.classicimageunifor....

Who should I contact if I need to withdraw?

Students who need to withdraw from the DNP-NA program should reach out to our Registrar's Office at registrar@franu.edu in writing with their intent to withdraw. If you have questions about Financial Aid, you can email them directly at financial.aid@franu.edu.