I do not have a 3.0 GPA, can I still be considered for admissions?

No, all applicants must meet the published minimum criteria in order to be considered for admissions.

​I took some of my pre-requisite courses longer than seven years ago. Can I still be considered for admissions?

This depends. Generally speaking, the admissions committee will require all pre-requisite courses to be completed within the past seven years. However, there may be some allowances made for older pre-requisites if the applicant can demonstrate proficiency in that area of study. Some examples might include an applicant who works as a medical laboratory technologist but took Microbiology 10 years ago; A chemistry teacher who took Organic Chemistry 15 years ago. Please email pa@franu.edu to request a pre-requisite substitution form.

How can I get “hands on” patient care experience?

PA programs across the nation value previous patient contact experience. According to the 32nd Annual Report published by the Physician Assistant Education Association, the average number of patient contact hours in applicants applying to PA schools nationally is 2,875.5. FranU requires much less, however the more the applicant has, the more competitive he/she is. Examples of “hands on” patient care experiences include phelobotomy (FranU offers certificate course), EKG technicians, certified nurse aids/patient care technicians. Even more value is placed on applicants with previous health care licensures/certifications such as nurses, paramedics/EMTs, respiratory therapists, clinical laboratory sciences, radiologic technologists, nuclear medicine technicians, etc. 

Can the program help me find a practicing PA to shadow?

Unfortunately, no, we do not have the capacity to help applicants with shadowing hours. 

I attended a college or university outside of the United States. How does FranU confirm/evaluate foreign transcripts?

Candidates who attended an accredited college or university outside of the United States must have their baccalaureate degree confirmed and coursework evaluated by an approved international transcript evaluation center at the candidate's expense. A list may be obtained by contacting the Office of Admissions at 225-526-1631 or by email at admissions@franu.edu.