What clinical rotations are required of all students?

The program requires that all students complete 8 core clinical rotations in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Musculoskeletal Medicine, Hospital Medicine and Special Topics (Mental Health and Women’s Health). Students complete two additional “elective” rotations in a variety of medical specialties. 

How do the “elective” clinical rotations work?

Two clinical rotations are offered as “elective” rotations. Students rank their top two choices based on clinical site/preceptor availability. Electives are then assigned via lottery style. Examples of elective rotations include: Cardiology, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Head and Neck Surgery, and many, many more. Additionally, students may elect to repeat a core rotation they enjoyed as an elective (ex: Emergency Medicine). 

If I have to travel to a distant site for a clinical rotation, how will I pay for it?

Students are responsible for any out of pocket expenses for all rotations throughout the clinical year. 

My friend, family member, acquaintance, etc. is a PA, MD or NP. I would like to arrange a clinical rotation with them, is that allowed?

Program policy prohibits students from rotating with close personal contacts. Additionally, program policy also prohibits students from arranging their own clinical rotations.