Theology Faculty

  1. Theology Faculty

All FranU Theology faculty receive the Mandatum, which is an acknowledgement by the local bishop that they teach in full communion with the Catholic Church.

Brian Pedraza, Ph.D.

Brian Pedraza, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Theology, specializes in catechetics and evangelization. He teaches Introduction to Theology, Old Testament, Spiritual Theology, Ecclesiology, Christology and Mariology, Catechesis for the New Evangelization, Catholic Social Teaching, and the Ministry Capstone. He has published popular and academic articles on catechesis, evangelization, the Second Vatican Council, among other topics, and his book, Catechesis for the New Evangelization: Vatican II, John Paul II, and the Unity of Revelation and Experience was published by CUA Press. He and his wife, Adrienne, along with their three boys, attend Christ the King Parish in Baton Rouge.


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Jennifer Morel, STD

Jennifer E. Morel, STD, Assistant Professor of Theology, specializes in moral theology, with a focus on family issues and economic realities. Most recently, she has published on the use of St. John Paul II's Scriptural methodology for doing moral theology and applied it to the study of masculinity and femininity. As part of this study, she traveled the world and did interviews with cultural experts in 14 various cultures on women and men in each culture, their gifts, and their challenges. Currently, she is analyzing the results of her investigations and completing an academic book on this theology of masculinity and femininity. Jennifer and her children are parishioners at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Baton Rouge.


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David Moser, Ph.D.

David Moser, Assistant Professor of Theology, teaches courses in systematic and historical theology. Among his research interests are medieval scholastic theology, the doctrines of the Incarnation, the Trinity, salvation as deification, and penance and reconciliation in sacramental theology. He has published several articles in various places on St. Thomas Aquinas's Christology, including Scottish Journal of Theology and International Journal of Systematic Theology, and on St. Augustine's theology of the Church in Pro Ecclesia. He is currently revising his dissertation on Aquinas's Christology as well as an article on John Duns Scotus's account of the role of contrition in repentance.
David also serves as Managing Editor of the International Journal of Systematic Theology. He is married to Heather, and they have three wonderful children. They are parishioners at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Baton Rouge.


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Christopher L. Ragusa, Jr. Ph.D.

Christopher L. Ragusa, Jr. Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Theology, specializes in natural law and virtue ethics along with their applications for bioethics. He teaches Introduction to Theology, Introduction to Moral Theology, Theological Bioethics, Catholic Social Teaching, and Philosophy for Theology. He has a forthcoming article on natural law and natural rights due out with the American Maritain Association. He and his wife, Hannah, are parishioners at Most Blessed Sacrament in Baton Rouge.


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David Whidden, Ph.D.

David Whidden, Ph.D., Professor of Theology and Vice President for Mission, specializes in systematic and historical theology. He has published a book on Thomas Aquinas, Christ the Light: The Theology of Light and Illumination in Thomas Aquinas and edited a collection of essays, Love Become Incarnate: Essays in Honor of Bruce D. Marshall. He has published several other articles on both Thomas Aquinas and Anselm of Canterbury. He has taught on a wide variety of topics, including courses on the Old and New Testaments, Trinitarian Theology, Sacramental Theology, Church History, and Catholic Social Teaching. He is a parishioner at Sacred Heart, along with his wife, Alicia, and three children.


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