Transfer Applicants


Students with previous college or university work from regionally accredited institutions may be considered for admission if they have an overall 2.0 GPA or better on all college work attempted. Transfer applicants who have earned less than 30 semester hours or less than 46 quarter hours of college-level academic coursework attempted at one or more regionally accredited institutions must meet the requirements for freshman admission.

A prospective transfer student should submit an application for admission and an official transcript from each college or university attended. Students enrolled in college at the time applications are submitted should have transcripts sent when they apply for admission, to be followed by supplementary records at the end of the semester.

"Official transcript" is defined as an official record prepared by the issuing institution and sealed in the institution's official envelope.

All of the following minimum requirements must be met in order for an applicant to be considered for admission: a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 on all college-level courses attempted (excluding developmental/remedial courses) from all accredited institutions attended, receipt of official transcripts from all institutions attended, eligibility to re-enroll at the last institution attended. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the college or your intended program of study.

All students will be considered for admission based on an evaluation of their likelihood of success at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University. FranU will consider college gpa, pattern and quality of courses taken, grade trends, educational objectives, significant life and career experiences, membership in groups underrepresented in the student body, or special circumstances.

Provisional admission, pending receipt of supplementary records, is approved by the Office of Admissions only under special circumstances. An applicant who meets the criteria for admission based on unofficial transcripts or who is currently enrolled at another institution at the time that admission is determined may be admitted provisionally on the basis of unofficial or incomplete transcripts. Complete official transcripts must be received within 30 days of the first day of class of the semester in which the applicant enrolls, in order to continue enrollment and to be removed from provisional acceptance. The applicant who does not submit complete official college transcripts will have a hold placed on their account and will not be allowed to continue e-enrollment for the next semester.

Transfer applicants who are on academic probation and have not been dismissed from another college or university will be placed on academic probation at FranU. Applicants admitted on academic probation must perform under the academic policies of FranU. (See Progression Status, Academic Probation)

Transfer applicants who are on academic suspension or "not in good standing" at another college or university will be denied admission to FranU until they qualify for re-admission to the school from which they were suspended or last attended.

Acceptance of Credit from Other Collegiate Institutions

The Office of Admissions evaluates credit from other institutions after the student's complete application and all official transcripts from each college and university attended have been received. Credit earned in colleges and universities accredited by regional accrediting associations is generally accepted; however, courses taken at the lower (1000-2000) level cannot be given upper (3000-4000) level credit.

Students who are placed on probation or made ineligible to continue at the institution where they were previously enrolled, based on grades earned in course work recorded on transcripts received after registration, will have the appropriate academic action applied immediately. (See Transfer Equivalents)

Credit allowed by the Office of Admissions for transfer is, in all cases, subject to review by the Deans of the appropriate schools with regard to its applicability toward a particular degree. Questions relating to the acceptance of credit toward a degree program and the length of time required for completion of degree requirements should be referred to the Admissions Office.