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The History of Biology and Medicine

This course will study the history of biology and medicine through the following eras: 1) prehistory, 2) ancient China, 3) ancient India, 4) ancient Egypt, 5) ancient Mesopotamia, 6) ancient Greece, 7) Alexandria, 8) ancient Rome, 9) the middle ages, 10) the Renaissance, 11) the New World, 12) the period of Enlightenment and Victorian times, 13) and finally modern biological and medical themes. Selected and significant historical topics in the development of such fields as biochemistry, microbiology, botany, zoology medicine, physiology, anatomy, genetics, embryology, ecology, dentistry, medicine, pharmacology, and surgery will be discussed. Concepts of futuristic biology and medicine will also be developed. The impact of both the biological and medical sciences on society and technology will be described throughout the course.

Credit Hours
BIOL 2311 BIOL 2311L
Additional Prerequisites

BIOL 1316, 1316L or BIOL 2311, 2311L

School of Arts and Sciences