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Introduction to Kinesiology

This course is designed to provide the student with a general overview of the principles involved in human motion. Emphasis will be placed on basic principles of kinesiology including: 1) a review of the major body systems that are involved in generating movement; 2) an overview of basic biomechanics; 3) an in-depth look at the anatomy (including origin and insertion of muscular attachments) of the major structures and joints of the human body such as: a) shoulder, b) elbow, c) wrist, d) hand, e) temporomandibular joint (TMJ), f) neck and trunk; g) pelvic girdle, h) hip, i) knee, j) ankle joint and foot. The course will also involve an in depth look at the actions that occur at these joints.

Credit Hours
BIOL 2310
Additional Prerequisites

Completion of BIOL 2310 with a grade of C or better

School of Arts and Sciences