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This course will present the various types of hormones (polypeptide, protein, steroid, fatty acid, cytokines, etc.) and their mechanism(s) of action on specific target cells. The individual endocrine glands will then be surveyed with regard to their structure and function. The role of hormones as in cell-to-cell communication and the regulation of systemic metabolism and homeostasis will be studied in detail. Information regarding the specific endocrine glands and their specific secretory (hormonal) products, their function, biochemistry and physiology will be presented. Both the traditional and the so-called "new" endocrine glands (skin, kidneys, heart, etc.) will be evaluated. Clinical relationships between endocrine hyposecretion and hypersecretion, as related to a broad spectrum of endocrine and homeostatic disorders, will be presented in detail.

Credit Hours
BIOL 2311
Additional Prerequisites

Completion of BIOL 2311 with a grade of C or better

School of Arts and Sciences