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The Structure and Function of the Respiratory System

This is an advanced anatomy and physiology course designed primarily for pre-med (human medicine) majors. The course will describe primarily the anatomy and physiology of respiration of the respiratory system. The course will emphasize: 1) the mechanics of respiration (inspiration and expiration); 2) the physiology of pulmonary gas exchange (external respiration) and blood tissue gas exchange (internal respiration); 3) the transport of the respiratory gasses through the cardiovascular system. The role of the respiratory system in acid base balance will be described. Neural mechanisms regulating respiration will also be discussed. The pathophysiology of the respiratory system, involving chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders (COPDs), will be studied.

Credit Hours
BIOL 2311
Additional Prerequisites

Completion of BIOL 2311 with a grade of C or better

School of Arts and Sciences