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General Chemistry II

CHEM 1316 builds on and expands the basic chemical principles learned in CHEM 1315. This course begins with a discussion of the theories of chemical bonding and molecular shapes. This is followed by a brief overview of the bonding properties of carbon and the structural aspects of organic compounds. Most of the course is devoted to chemical reactions, with emphasis on quantitative and conceptual features of reaction dynamics. Units include chemical kinetics, equilibrium, transition state theory and chemical thermodynamics. Application of these concepts will include units covering equilibria of acid-base systems and ionic systems (buffers, solubility, and complexions). The purpose of CHEM 1316 is to provide students with a strong foundation in understanding chemical reactions as dynamic processes. These processes have wide applications in most natural phenomena. Enrollment in CHEM 1316L is strongly recommended.

Credit Hours
MATH 1315 CHEM 1315
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