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Quantitative Methods & Decision Analysis

This course provides the student with a working knowledge of research methods for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting healthcare data, and an appreciation of the value and application of these methods in healthcare organizations. Students will learn to distinguish between types of research (quantitative and qualitative) with an emphasis on the use of quantitative analysis in healthcare organizations. Basic research methods are described including surveys, observational studies, experimental and quasi-experimental design, use of primary and secondary data, and statistical techniques for analyzing and interpreting data, including descriptive statistics, hypotheses testing, probability, sampling, tests of significance, chi-square analysis, correlation, linear regression, and multiple regression. Selected mathematical, statistical, and computer applications and statistical techniques applied to decision making in hospitals and healthcare organizations will be introduced. This course may be delivered in a blended or online format.

Credit Hours
Additional Prerequisites

Admission into the MHA program or program director approval.

School of Arts and Sciences