Please join us for the Hall of Distinction

March 2025

Call for Nominations

Annually, since 2008, Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University has proudly recognized alumni and community leaders who exhibit the highest professional standards and a Franciscan-inspired commitment to service.

Nominees selected for recognition at the Fête des Fidèles exemplify Franciscan values. Their lives contradict our society’s stress on individualism and materialism and are led, instead, by joyfulness of spirit, reverence of life, justice, humility and service.

When submitting a nomination please provide the full name of the nominee, graduation year for alumni, and a brief narrative (1/2 page to 1 page). A successful nomination will address at least 2-3 of the listed criteria related to the intended award and will describe what qualities the nominee possesses to make them worthy of recognition.

Nominations will be blind reviewed by an award selection committee. Final award designees will be approved by the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University President’s Cabinet.

All nominations will be confidential and only winners will be notified. Awards will be presented at the Fête des Fidèles in March 2025.

Deadline for submitting your nomination is Wednesday, January 15 , 2025 at 5:00 p.m. to be considered for the current academic year. Submit electronic nomination on the form found at, or email nomination to

2024 Hall of Distinction Recipients

Distinguished Alumna

Nicole St. Germain

Class of 2003 Associate of Science Radiologic Technology

Revered by many as a role model, Nicole is a true Fran. Always willing to work with others, help someone in need, and better herself in anyway, Nicole lives the Franciscan values. Having been recognized by her peers, Nicole has been the recipient of many accolades including Our Lady of the Lake College “85 Who Have Made a Difference” award and Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University: “95 Years of Franciscan Servant Leadership” award. Always focused on her program, the university and her professional organizations, Nicole always finds time to volunteer for a church function, working the concession stand at her boys’ sports games, and volunteering at her sons’ Catholic school. She truly enjoys helping and learning new things. She inspires those around her daily.

Rising Star

Morgan Anacker, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Class of 2021, Masters of Nursing Family Practitioner

Morgan epitomizes what it means to be Franciscan. In her seven years at FranU and today as a Family Nurse Practitioner Morgan continues her faithfulness and service to FranU, always willing to lend a helping hand. Morgan takes every opportunity to applaud FranU education, values, and mission.

Shining Star

Brandon DeVold

Class of 2011 Associate of Science Radiologic Technology

A veteran of the US Marine Corps and a FranU Alumna, Brandon lives the Franciscan values. His active involvement in professional organizations, instructing FranU students, and in his personal life. Brandon is a wonderful role model, coworker and friend. He is a proud graduate of FranU.

Previous Recipients

Distinguished Alumni

2024 Nicole St. Germain, ‘03

2021 Marlene Colter ‘61

2021 Margaret Rome ‘62

2020 Kristen Fontenot Gradney*, ‘16

2019 Rebecca Cotton Simoneaux, ‘97

2018 Andrea Normand ‘70

2017 Sandra Launey, ‘62

2016 Sr. Helen Cahill, F.M.O.L., RN, ‘70

2015 Ginger Miller, RN, CEBT, ‘62

2014 Barbara Anthony, RN, LNC, ‘72

2013 Phyllis C. Simmons, RN, ‘69

2012 Sr. Brendan Mary Ronayne, F.M.O.L. ‘66

2011 Charla Buford Johnson, MSN, RN, ‘87

2010 Sr. Martha Ann Abshire, F.M.O.L. ‘72

2009 Wanda Raby Spurlock, DNS, RN, ‘76

Rising Star

2024 Morgan Anacker, ‘21

2021 Alicia Vick, ‘18 and ‘21

2019 Travis Lambert, ‘16

2018 Taylor Bush, RN, ‘17

2017 Lisa McDivitt, MD ‘13

2016 Amanda Bolton, RN, ‘13

2015 Laura Martinez Wright, LMSW, ‘08

2014 W. Chandler LeBoeuf, MEd, ‘11

2013 Shanna T. Cormier, RN, ‘04, ‘07 and ‘09

2012 Alysha Bonvillian, BSRT (R)(T), ‘04

2011 Mary Pat Thevenot, MSN, RN, ‘07

2010 Christopher Savoy, RT(R)(T), ‘07

2009 Jason Kutinac, RRT, ‘06

Shining Star

2024 Brandon DeVold, ‘11

2021 Sarah Goncalves, ‘08

2019 Katherine Montgomery Helo, ‘09 and ‘10

2018 Sarah Deyo, ‘09

2017 John Vincent, CRNA, ‘11

2016 Sandra Mathes, MSN, RN, ‘10

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