Safety Tips

Whether at home, in the workplace, on campus, or any other setting... our surroundings at all times.

Please make every effort to:

  • Walk with a friend whenever possible. If that is not possible and you are uncomfortable, please call Lake Security for an escort (765-8825).
  • Report your observations about any suspicious persons in or around the campus immediately to Lake Security or the University administration.
  • Use a buddy system. Make sure a family member, roommate or friend knows your routines. Tell someone if you are going to be late or going away.
  • Notify the Facilities Manager about broken lights, overgrown shrubs near walkways, telephones that don’t work, etc. Don’t assume that someone else will do this.
  • Read more about safety tips and policies in the Campus Safety and Security Booklet. This may be viewed on the university website or a hard copy can be picked up at the Office of Health & Wellness Office.