FranU Pinning & Awards Ceremony

The Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University Pinning andAwards Ceremony is an official event where all candidates for graduation arepresented with a professional pin or gift, and recipients of awards andprogram-specific honors are recognized.

Trustees’, President’s and Deans' medals are presented as theUniversity’s highest honors, as are tassels and stoles for all honorgraduates. The Franciscan Student Award is presented to a student in eachprogram who has most espoused the Franciscan Values. Program awards arealso presented to those who have excelled academically or clinically.

All graduatescompleting a Master's or Doctoral degree will receive a hood atthe Pinning Ceremony, but should not wear it until officially hoodedon stage on Graduation Day. All graduates will carry their hoods on theirarms in the processional at Graduation. Specific instructions will be given toyou upon arrival. Please note that it will be the responsibility of thestudent to bring the hood to the River Center on Graduation Day.

Allcandidates for graduation receive the blessing of hands by a representative ofthe Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady or a Campus Minister.

Please note that the Pinning and Awards Ceremony is an official University event and attendance is expected of all graduates. Invitations with the location, time and date of the ceremony aremailed to each candidate’s home address.

The event is attended by candidates for graduation, theirfamilies and friends, as well as administrators, faculty and professionalstaff. It is traditionally held in a Catholic Church or chapel, andchurch-appropriate attire is requested. It’s not only a celebration ofaccomplishments, but an occasion to introduce family and friends to yourUniversity family.

Spring 2020 Pinning & Award Ceremonies

School of Health Professions and School of Arts & Sciences Pinning Ceremony - Friday, May 15, 11:00 AM; St. Aloysius Catholic Church
School of Nursing Pinning Ceremony- Friday, May 15, 3:30 PM; St. Aloysius Catholic Church