FranU Adds Forensic Certificate to Curriculum

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Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University has added a certificate in Forensic Science for Fall 2022 which helps to provide a pathway to careers in most areas of the crime labs such as drug analysis, toxicology, latents, firearms and evidence receiving.

The certificate in Forensic Science is designed to create quality educational experiences in forensics and form highly skilled professionals ready to enter the workforce. The core principles of scientific inquiry and ethics are integrated throughout the curriculum. Students completing this certificate will be ready to serve those most in need by striving to provide justice and fairness for victims of crimes.

When accompanied by a Bachelor of Science in a natural science, the certificate ensures the basic educational requirements are met for employment in various forensic fields. FranU provides education that focuses in the main areas of forensics: Criminalistics, Chemistry and Biology.

There is a need for new forensic analysts to address the current caseload. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the job outlook for forensic science technicians is positive, with an additional 16% or 2700 jobs projected to be added in the next 10 years.

Students who are interested in being a part of a team that analyzes crime scene evidence in a laboratory environment should consider taking courses in forensic science.

Admission consideration requirements include enrollment in or completion of a baccalaureate or advanced degree in a chemical science, physical science, biological science, or forensic science is recommended; and students may transfer up to 12 hours in biology or chemistry towards this certificate. The remaining hours must be taken at FranU.

After completing the initial six hours of biology and six hours of organic chemistry, students should be able to complete the remaining requirements within one year.

Employment in a field related to forensic science requires an extensive background check. Components of this background check may include any or all of the following: criminal background checks, polygraph tests, credit checks, drug tests, interviews of family, friends, and professional acquaintances. Questions regarding this consideration should be directed towards the lab or agency in which they intend to seek future employment.

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