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My name is Christian Gardner and a Baton Rouge, Louisiana native. I am a senior in the rad tech program at FranU. Currently, I work at a local restaurant while I am in school. I have been in the industry since I was fourteen and a chef for twenty plus years. I have an 11-year-old son that starts junior high this year.

I chose to switch careers for many different reasons. I always thought X-ray was interesting. Working as a chef I would get no holidays, weekends, or much free time to spend with my son at all. Being a sole parent, this was becoming a problem. Working in the kitchen is a rough job. I saw a documentary about how X-ray was used to help a family determine how their son was murdered stemming from child abuse. I started researching and discovered how important X-ray is when it comes to medical diagnostics. I was hooked. Without X-rays we would be unable to diagnose a variety of medical conditions and injuries.

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