When will I receive an update if I am selected to interview?

Applicants will receive an email regarding interview selections from early to middle July.

When are interviews for the DNP-NA program?

Interviews will be conducted in-person during the following dates: July 22 - 26, 2024 and July 29 - August 2, 2024.

Will interviews be in-person or virtual?

The plan is to hold only in-person interviews, but we will be prepared to adjust should COVID or any other unplanned event alter this, such as a hurricane or other unforeseen circumstance.

What will the interview be like? How can I prepare?

  • Interviews will be approximately 40 minutes in length and students will be interviewed with a committee that may include university faculty, anesthesia faculty, clinical coordinators, and anesthesia experts.
  • Current nurse anesthesia students will also be available on interview days to answer questions about being a FranU student and nurse anesthesia school.
  • The interview is also a time for our DNP-NA admissions committee to get to know you, hear more about your clinical experience, and display our graduate learning environment.

When will admission decisions go out to applicants?

Depending on the size of the applicant pool, decisions can take a few weeks to receive. Applicants will receive an email once a decision has been made on their application, and decisions can be viewed in the application portal.

Does FranU offer rolling admissions for the DNP-NA program?

No, we do not offer rolling admissions. All completed applications will be reviewed after the July 1 application deadline.

What are the application, enrollment, and graduation rates/data from previous cycles?

Previous enrollment data can be located on our DNP-NA webpage at https://franu.edu/academics/academic-programs/nurse-anesthesia.

How many spots are available for the DNP-NA program each cycle?

We can accept 40 DNP-NA students in each applicant cycle.

If my GPA does not meet the minimum 3.0 overall GPA requirement, what can I do to improve my GPA?

  • One option is to take additional classes to bring an overall GPA to a 3.0 or higher. There is not a set of specific classes a student can take, but students often look to take refresher classes in undergraduate science classes.
  • Another option can be to take graduate level classes.

If I was not accepted, can I reapply next year?

Yes, you can reapply, but a CCRN is required for reapplicants. We also encourage you to review the self-appraisal you received via email when considering a new application.