University Leadership

NameProgram/DivisionOffice Phone
Sister Martha Ann Abshire, FMOL
Vice President for Mission Identity
Program/Division: AdministrationOffice Phone: 225-490-1685 Email
Angelia Bercegeay
Vice President for Operations and Finance
Program/Division: Operations and FinanceOffice Phone: 225-490-1690 Email
Rebecca C. Cannon, M.Ed.
Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
Program/Division: Enrollment Management and Student AffairsOffice Phone: 225-768-0810 Email
Tina S. Holland, Ph.D.
President, Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University
Program/Division: President's OfficeOffice Phone: 225-768-1710 Email
Judith V. Roberson, MA
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Program/Division: Institutional AdvancementOffice Phone: 225-768-1754 Email
Brother Edward A. Violett, SM, Ph.D.
Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Program/Division: Academic AffairsOffice Phone: 225-768-1700 Email