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Healthcare Marketing and Strategic Planning

This course discusses and applies the concepts of healthcare marketing and planning to healthcare delivery, assessment of community needs and resource planning in both ambulatory and clinical settings. Other topics include health services planning and trends, demand for and use of health services, research methods and sources of marketing and planning data. Consumer behavior, market segmentation, target marketing, marketing research, management, and control of marketing mix variables are applied. Topics include strategic analysis of a firm's activities from the marketers point of view. Students will give attention to marketing strategy formulation, implementation and control. Assesses strategies for the functional areas of marketing and their relevant application. This course applies the use of design, development and evaluation methodology to analyze strategic planning processes. Development and execution of marketing plans integral to branding and promotion are explored. Examines the tools and techniques of managing marketing activities as well as an analysis of the marketing process. Emphasizes decision-making, the refinement of skills needed to recognize and solve marketing problems, and effective communication of recommendations. This course may be delivered in a blended or online format.

Credit Hours
MHCA 5310 MHCA 5325
Additional Prerequisites

MHCA 5310, MHCA 5325 or program director approval

School of Arts and Sciences