1. Franciscan Peer Leaders

The Franciscan Peer Leader is a scholarship program meant to further the mission of FranU to form students as Franciscan servant leaders through the integration of faith and leadership development. This premiere program will be a conduit for authentic student connections across campus to promote student engagement, enhance the student experience, and optimize recruiting for the university.

We serve our campus through...

  • Mentorship

    As an institution that holds relationships at the heart of our campus and the student experience, the FPLs serve our campus through intentional, meaningful relationships that accompany their peers towards personal flourishing.

  • Formation

    Guided by our mission, the FPL program will provide students with focused opportunities to develop themselves as servant leaders influenced by the life of St. Francis, the Gospel, and Jesus Christ.

  • Community

    Human beings long for a sense of community and to make a difference. The FPL program provides students with their own community while cultivating community across campus and being faith-filled citizens in the larger community.

The FPL Handbook provides important information on the processes, policies, and expectations for being a Franciscan Peer Leader. All invited students should take careful attention to its content!

FPL Selection Process

The Franciscan Peer Leaders are selected by invitation only through the Office of Admissions based on the students high school GPA. If invited to participate in the program, all interested students must schedule a virtual interview. Email communication from the Office of Admissions will be sent with those instructions. For more information about the selection process, please review the FPL Handbook.

Important Dates

The document below lists all the upcoming dates you will need to have marked on your calendar. Some dates will be determined at a later date, but we always try to confirm them in advance.

Click here for the 2024-2025 FPL Important Dates

2023-2024 Franciscan Peer Leaders