1. Offices & Services
  2. Distance Education
  3. Responsibilities and Expectations

Responsibilities of and Expectations for Students, Faculty, and Support Staff in Distance Education Environments


To insure optimum learning students will:

  • Log into the University portal system at least twice a day to a) receive updated information from the University and faculty members, b) interact with classmates as expected, and c) participate in course activities and submit course work;
  • Communicate with professors in a timely manner to ask questions and to seek assistance;
  • Devote an average of 8 to 10 hours per week for a typical three-hour course, preparing, participating, and contributing.
  • Establish clear learning objectives (i.e. what is to be achieved and when), a plan for meeting them (i.e. how, when, and where studying will occur), and a plan to sustain motivation;
  • Follow University guidelines for appropriate online etiquette, academic honesty, etc.
  • Locate a qualified and approved proctor for examinations, when required.

To ensure optimum learning, faculty will:

  • Log into the University portal at least twice a day to ensure regular communications with students;
  • Provide a complete explanation of course requirements, expectations, policies, and procedures, including information about evaluation and grading;
  • Establish and maintain a course schedule for activities and assignments; Provide appropriate feedback on student work within one week of its submission (this response does not constitute a guarantee of grading; however, faculty will inform students of progress toward providing reasonably prompt, and always meaningful feedback on student work);
  • Design, promote, facilitate, and where appropriate, contribute to asynchronous and synchronous online interactions designed to generate student engagement with course content;
  • Include questions specifically related to the course delivery method in the students’ evaluation of instruction;
  • Seek and engage in regular professional development for teaching in distance learning environments.
  • Refer students for remediation and support services as needed
  • Post grades on the online management system and on Wolf Tracks as noted in the Faculty Handbook

Information Technology

To insure the optimum learning, information technology personnel will:

  • Provide Helpdesk Service – The On Campus Technology Services Center is available Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and by phone at (225) 765-HELP 24x7x365. The service goal is to respond to and resolve help requests within one business day, whenever possible. Requests received after hours will be addressed promptly the following business day;
  • Maintain Portal Service – Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University uses and integrated portal system to develop for a growing community of scholars. Issues for our virtual campus are to be directed to the Technology Services Center or calling (225) 765-HELP. The goal of the IS support team is to respond to all issues by the next business day, but this does not necessarily guarantee a solution to an issue within that time frame if contributing factors are beyond the control of personnel who support distance learning;
  • Answer General Questions – Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University does not offer hardware or software computer support for personal computers, but students may visit the Technology Services Center to ask questions about distance learning. These questions are built into an online FAQ Website and made available to the entire learning community. The goal is to answer any questions about distance learning within two business days and to have common questions posted on the FAQ website within one business week.