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The Technology Services Center (TSC) strives to be flexible, innovative and responsive in providing information resources, access, technology and services to a vibrant community. It’s understood that the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University community seeks excellence in teaching, research, administrative and distance learning services in an increasingly competitive and changing environment.

It is the ultimate goal of the TSC to provide the best information technology service to facilitate the student experience. This office is committed to providing information, technology, and services to create and nurture a community of learning. In this community, information resources should be ubiquitous and universal, securely available to everyone, at any time, from anyplace. Programs and services will enhance student and faculty interactions while supporting independent and individual styles of learning.

Mission of Educational Technology

The mission of the Office of Educational Technology at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University is to utilize effective technologies in designing and delivering learning opportunities to those we serve.