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Office of Campus Ministry

Through a holistic approach to education, FranU Campus Ministry aims to inspire students, faculty and staff to combine faith with life. Campus Ministry inspires students through five core values: service, reverence and love for all of life, justice, joyfulness of spirit and humility. Students encounter, engage and serve while leading with Christian values in the spirit of St. Francis.

Inspiring Our Campus Community

In the spirit of St. Francis, who inspired us to live out the Gospel values daily, FranU Campus Ministry seeks to inspire students, faculty and staff to integrate faith with life through a holistic educational approach to the development of faith, spirituality and the quest for truth for the good of society (Ex Corde Ecclesiae 30).

Our Mission

Inspired by Christian principles, we seek to empower students to live their Christian vocation through the core values of Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University:

  • Service

  • Reverence and Love for All of Life

  • Joyfulness of Spirit

  • Humility

  • Justice

Our Faith Tradition and History

Our institution was founded by the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady. Led by their faith, the Franciscan Missionaries were a group of women who came to Louisiana with a mission to build a sanitarium. Over a century later, their legacy lives on through the numerous institutions they brought to fruition.

Healing is at the core of the Franciscan mission. Serving others and taking part in the healing process is emblematic of the purpose put forth by St. Francis of Assisi, a purpose that motivates us to continue the tradition of faith and academic excellence.

FranU Campus Ministry - Encounter, Engage and Serve

Student Testimonials

Hear what FranU students have to say about the opportunities to encounter, engage and serve on campus.

Before this pilgrimage I felt spiritually disconnected with people. Spending time and getting to know everyone in this group allowed me to develop friendships through an eye opening spiritual experience. It has also allowed me to realize that I am not alone and don't have to be. So I am grateful for that and the people God has allowed me to meet going into and along the way of this pilgrimage.” ( Jaylon Jack, prePTA 2022 Pilgrimage)

“This was a very great experience for me and I am so glad I did it. I have never built anything or done anything like this so it was so refreshing to learn some skills. And seeing the homeowners working next to us was even better. The fact that my hands on work will be the reason someone has a home makes me feel so good. I am looking forward to doing it again in the future.” (Miranda Landry, Habitat Build)

Feel Called to Serve? Consider Our Theology Programs

If you’re looking to delve deeper into your faith, FranU offers a number of academic programs, such as a Catholic Theology and Catechesis Certificate and a Bachelor of Arts in Theology. You can also opt for a minor in theology to complement your major in another subject area.