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  3. Preparing to Attend FranU

Get all of the information you need to plan for your education with these interactive tools and resources.

  • Scholarships, Grants and Loans
    Scholarships, grants and loans are available from a variety of sources, including federal and state governments and private sources, such as employers, professional associations, and educational institutions.
  • Minority Scholarships
    Research organizations that help minorities pursue higher education.
  • FinAid - Go to Guide for College Financial Aid
    The FinAid website offers information on financial aid for college and tips on how to help ease the burden on college expenses.
  • Cost of Attendance
    How much is attending the university really going to cost? Learn how the total cost of attendance is calculated.
  • Private Student Loans
    If you don't qualify for a federal loan or you cannot cover expenses alone, a private loan might work for you.