When should I request an article or book through interlibrary loan?

Articles- A request for a journal article should be made only after checking the Library’s electronic resources. Three places that should be checked are Full Text Finder, print journal list & www.freemedicaljournals.com. If the desired article(s) is not in any of these places, a request can be made. Books- A request for a book should only be made if the University Library catalog and the East Baton Rouge Public Library catalogs have already been checked (exceptions can be made in a patron does not reside in EBR and therefore cannot use EBR Library).

What information do I need to make a request?

Once you have checked the Library’s resources and are ready to make a request, you will need to fill out the top section of a request form. You will also need complete citation information for the article(s)/book(s) you are looking for. Requests can be made at the inter-library loan & document delivery office in the Library Commons or by email to Library@franu.edu.

Do I have to pay to use this service?

The University Library makes every effort to obtain materials from libraries that do not charge fees. This is not always possible. Patrons will not be charged for ILL services up to $100 per academic year (fall-summer) for graduate students and faculty and up to $50 per academic year (fall-summer) for undergraduate students. If this is exceeded,  requests can still be made, but the patron would be responsible for fees incurred. However, if you make a request and do not pick up our article(s) when they are ready, you may be charged for any future requests. Patrons are also responsible for any overdue fees or other extra fees charged by the lending library if an item is not returned on time.

How long does it take to get an ILL article or book?

Since the articles and books provided through interlibrary loan are coming from other libraries, it just depends on the lender. An article can take anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks to receive. We recommend making requests early. Books usually take longer. You should plan on a 1 week minimum.

How long can I keep the borrowed item(s)?

Copies of articles are yours to keep. The due dates for books are determined by the lender. You will generally find out the due date when we receive the book (s). Books can either be used as a reserve item in the library, or you can leave a $50 deposit and a copy of your driver’s license to check them out.

Are there late fees for overdue ILL books?

Yes. The lender sets all overdue fees, and the borrower is responsible for paying these fees, if incurred. The University Library does not cover any overdue fees or extra charges.

Can I get my ILL articles electronically?

Usually. When we make requests, we specify a preference for electronic copies. If these are not available, articles are faxed or mailed. Patrons are responsible for picking these up, unless you make other arrangements with the library. Electronic copies are sent by email as PDF files.

Can I get ANY article or book through ILL?

No. We can get most articles and books, but there are some that we cannot borrow. Occasionally we receive a request and put it into the system and it comes back unfilled. You will be notified if this is the case. Books are more often unavailable or cost prohibitive.