Apply to TFE

We can invite up to 35 participants for The Franciscan Experience Summer Institute. We are looking for those who are mission-oriented, seeking to find meaning and purpose, have a theological itch, and a heart for serving others – especially the poor. Applications are reviewed by the TFE Summer leadership team consisting of FranU faculty, staff, and students. They are prayerfully considered and we expect all responses to be authentic and honest.

Disclaimer: While we wish to accept all who wish to participate, having a cap on participation is essential to the mission of TFE Summer and for logistical reasons regarding our service sites. We appreciate your understanding.

The application deadline for TFE Summer 2024 is extended to Tuesday, April 30. Graduating seniors in high school are also welcome to apply!

First step is to complete the short answer portion below. Upon completion, save the document as a PDF, click the "Apply to TFE" button to be guided to the application where you will complete the information and upload your responses.

TFE Summer Short Answer Questions

Please respond to these 6 short answer questions. We ask that you give at least 5-7 sentences per question. The goal is for us to get a genuine sense of where you are in your life and what experiences have formed you the most. Again, honesty and authenticity are key to reflecting on and answering these questions. Challenge your reflection and we look forward to getting to know you!

  1. Why do you want to attend The Franciscan Experience? What attracts you to this opportunity? What is your hope for attending if you are chosen as a participant?
  2. What is your idea of vocational discernment at this point? What is your biggest struggle/success with discerning vocation?
  3. What is your perception of theology, the study of God? Please provide supporting thoughts for your answer.
  4. What is your prayer life up unto this point? What are some things you would like to improve on? Give some experiences with the Mass, the Sacraments, etc. if you wish to do so.
  5. How does your faith play a role in your life? Is it something that is only expressed in certain contexts or does it exists in most aspects of your life? What is your take on faith and spirituality?
  6. Have you ever encountered the poor in your local community? This could be poor in basic human needs and/or spiritually poor. How was that experience for you?