Spring 2022 Honor Roll

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While we congratulate all students on their excellent academic performance, please note that there are guidelines that we follow to determine which students are listed on the honor roll. Eligibility guidelines are as follows:

  • President’s List- 12 or more credit hours with a semester GPA of 4.00
  • Dean’s List- 12 or more credit hours with a semester GPA of 3.5 or higher

Any student who has a question about their eligibility should contact the Registrar’s Office at 225-490-1602.

President's List

Taylor Babin

Sarah Babin

Leslie Bergquist

Jansen Bourgeois

Caroline Broussard

Maggie Decoteau

Hunter Doiron

Kaitlyn Dugas

Josette Fanguy

Glenn Farnet, Jr.

Kalli Gregory

Logan Haggenmacher

Payton Hatcher

Ashlyn Hazlip

Ashley Hernandez

Grant Johnson

Keturah Johnson

Jillian Johnson

Alisa Jones

Anna Jones

Shelby Jordan

Joseph Juneau

Stephanie Lacoste

Miranda Landry

Ridge Lasalle

Lexie Lemoine

Brad Melancon

Christopher Miller

Elena Monette

Thi Lan Anh Nguyen

Zaid Otoum

Claire Perkins

Jewel Peters

Anna Poche

Sara Poche

Melinda Porche

Gabriella Ragusa

Kade Riche

Carmen Wilkison

Dean's List

Baylea Albarado

Hannah Amy

Britney Anderson

Jamie Baker

Collin Barbee

Jessica Barrett

Logan Berret

Mia Bivalacqua

Lauren Blanchard

Taylor Bonaventure

Zanna Boudreaux

Rebecca Boyd

Tayeayana Briscoe

Stephanie Calvaruso

Jordan Cangelosi

Charlotte Caringal

Destiny Carter

Elaine Casselberry

Hays Clary

Megan Crawford

Eva Crochet

Antoine Dantin

Emily Delahaye

Breann Delee

Courtney Deynoodt

Sunny Didier

Haley Doiron

Baylea Douglas

Kamryn Duhon

Morgan Duncan

Casey Dupre

Nadia Emery

Jacob Falgoust

Ann Fauvelle

Sophia Fleming

Madison Folse

Christin Fontenot

Paige Forbes

Kenneth Fournet

Chalise Freemyer

Karleigh Gandar

Lauryn Gibson

Susannah Green

Madison Guitrau

Ian Hale

Hannah Hargrave

Monica Hebert

Yannik Hebert

Charne Hill

Ashlyn Horne

Nickola Hutchinson

Taylor Jacks

Olivia Keating

Skylar Kelley

Austin Koenig

Alaina Kostopoulos

Emily Landry

Kendra Lang

Jennifer Le

Addiston Mahoney

Jdee Maness

Megan Marcello

Taylor Marcello

Emily Marcotte

Jayln McDonner

Emma Miller

Amber Miller

Hattie Morales

Dalila Muthana

Lauren Norwood

Monique Oncale

Ashley Padilla

Londyn Page

Ariana Patton

Alexander Petitjean

Hannah Rabalais

Emily Reid

Brinley Rivet

Avory Roberts

Bailey Robertson

Harley Romero

William Roshto

Brenner Roy

Taylor Sabol

Lauren Savery

Skylar Schilling

Brennan Shirey

Benjamin Sloneker

Alexandria Smith

Hailey Sparks

Kaylin St.romain

Abigail Stansbury

Sophie Sternfels

Max Stewart

Mason Swain

Brittany Sykes

Elizabeth Sylve

Stephanie Thornhill

Tabitha Tregre

Hope Troxclair

Baylie Turner

Sierra Valega

Lily Wambolt

Claire White

Matthew White

Sarah Williams

Caroline Williams

Mason Worthington

Adriana Zubiate

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