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What is a book voucher?

A voucher is a credit authorized by the Bursar's Office that a student may use to purchase required course materials including books and/or skills packs. Many students depend on their financial aid refund to purchase these items, but those refunds are not issued until after the semester has begun. We offer vouchers so that students may purchase their class materials prior to receiving the refund in order to be prepared for classes.

Who is eligible for a voucher?

Students expecting a financial aid refund are eligible to receive a book voucher. Aid must be awarded and accepted.

How does the voucher work?

Students must submit a voucher request on the University portal. Students can request a voucher for books only, skills pack only, or both. The Bursar's Office will review the request and authorize the voucher for an amount not to exceed the anticipated financial aid refund. The student will receive an email notification that the voucher is ready to be used. Once the student has used the voucher, the book store reports the amount spent to the Bursar's Office. This amount is then added to the student's charges. When financial aid is credited to the student's account, it is applied to the charges.*

*Please note in some instances the book charges are not added to the student account until after financial aid has been applied and a refund has been generated. This typically happens when the student purchases books after classes have begun. In this case, the student is responsible for paying the balance due to the University once the refund check is received.

How to request a voucher

To request a voucher, go to myPortal and once logged in click on Department, Bursar, then Book Voucher Request (on the right). Vouchers are available starting 4 weeks prior to the first day of each semester through the 2nd week of classes.

Where can the voucher be used?

Book vouchers can be redeemed at the online virtual bookstore, MBS Direct.