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Fee bills are mailed after registration has begun for a semester.

On the bill, look for these four important pieces of information:

  • Tuition and fee charges - You can find the total tuition and fee charges at the top right hand corner listed as Current Charges and at the bottom in the Explanation of Charges section.
  • Class schedule - This is in the middle of the fee bill. All classes you have registered for will be listed. If you dropped a class, that will be reflected in the Stat(us) column on the right-hand side. You are not charged tuition and fees for courses dropped prior to the semester and through the last day to add classes.
  • Balance due - This is listed in the upper right hand section where you see the words TOTAL AMOUNT DUE FROM STUDENT. If the number is negative (a minus sign appears after the amount) you do not owe a balance; this is your anticipated refund!
  • Financial aid – The financial aid amount on the fee bill includes any grants, loans, TOPS, and institutional scholarships you are expected to receive. You can see the total anticipated amount listed in the top right hand corner as Financial Aid Remaining. The individual awards included in that total are detailed at the bottom of fee bill. Student loans must be accepted to appear as a credit towards the balance due. Please note financial aid can be adjusted at any time to maintain compliance with regulations, so amounts are not guaranteed.

What else can you find on your fee bill?

  • Your student ID number in the top left hand corner
  • Your advisor’s name in the top right hand corner

A flyer with lots of good information regarding payment will also be enclosed with the bill.

How can I view my balance due online?

In Wolves Track under Financial Information, click on Account Summary by Term.

Visit our Bursar FAQs for more useful information.