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Faculty Accolades

As a leader in healthcare-related education for almost 90 years, Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University has a legacy of excellent educators. Continuing in this tradition are the following faculty who have received national and regional recognition for teaching and research excellence.

Cathy Denison-Robert, PhD, MBA, Director of the Business Administration (BBA) Program and Associate Professor, was honored to be an expert providing an interview for the 4word, Christian Women in the Workplace organization's July blog article, entitled, Shining Your Christ Light as a Business Owner - Faith at Work.

DPT faculty members Jaime Caillet, Michael Ludwig, and Jeffrey Thompson recently received news that their poster presentation entitled "Intervertebral Disc Hydration for Management of Low Back Pain: Theory, Science, and Application" was accepted by the Louisiana Physical Therapy Association (LPTA) Research Committee. Their poster will be presented at the LPTA 2020 Fall Meeting on Friday, August 28 and will support their research agendas for accreditation.

Phillip Page, PhD, PT, Research Director and Assistant Professor for the DPT program, was interviewed for a research podcast on evaluating the quality of scientific articles.

Grub Street Literary Magazine recently published three short graphic narratives, "The Summer House," "Susan and Sarah, 1965," and "Boys and Hands", by Professor Angus Woodward, MFA. Woodward, A. (2020). Boys and hands. Grub Street Literary Magazine 69. Retrieved from https://cpb-us w2.wpmucdn.com/wp.towson.edu/dist/b/810/files/2020/06/grubstreet-volume-69-finalprint-compressed.pdf

Professor Angus Woodward's short graphic narrative, "Half-Mast Summer," appears in the current issue of Slag Glass City, an online literary journal. Woodward, A. (2020). Half-mast summer. Slag Glass City 6. Retrieved from http://www.slagglasscity.org/dispatches/mean-streets/half-mast-summer/

Tinicia Turner, MPA, Director of Career and Leadership, published a 34 page coloring and activity book designed for children. The book grew out of her belief that "children are better equipped to identify successful paths when they start the career exploration process at a younger age." It is the first product developed in her “I Can Achieve it” line.

Phillip Page, PhD, PT, Research Director for the DPT program, co-authored an international systematic review on resistance training across the lifespan, published in the journal Culture, Science and Sport. The work was entitled, "Effects of strength training with variable elastic resistance across the lifespan: a systematic review." Culture, Science & Sport . 2020. 15(44), 147-164.

Dr. Cathy Denison-Robert, MBA, Endowment Principal Investigator and Director of the Business Administration (BBA) Program, led the planning and implementation of FranU’s first ever virtual business conference. The unique conference, “Discover the World of Business that Makes a Real Difference” invited all to explore the world of business with real meaning while discovering God’s true purpose for work and business. Participants gained an understanding of the path forward to making a real difference in business for people and society. The conference was hosted by the Business Administration (BBA) Program on April 23rd and April 24th, 2020. 130 people registered for the virtual conference from throughout Louisiana, from numerous states in the USA, and from Brazil. During the event, the School of Arts & Sciences Dean, Dr. Brian Rash assisted as the co-host via Zoom video conferencing.

Dr. Cathy Denison-Robert, MBA, Business Administration (BBA) Program Director, presented her Scholarly Poster in the 2020 FranU Research and Scholarship Showcase. The project was entitled, “Making a Real Difference by Connecting the Classroom and Program to the Business World: Incorporating Business as Mission and Servant Leadership.”

Phil Page, PhD, PT, ATC, FACSM, Director of Research for the DPT Program, was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal about potential increase in injuries with more people working out at home because of the virus restrictions. The story was published in the April 15, 2020 issue.

Dr. Holland University President, and Sister Martha Ann Abshire, Vice President for Mission Identity, were featured on WBRZ's Sunday Journal on Sunday, April 26, 2020.

Dr. Alicia Bates, Director of the Family Nurse Practitioner Program, Cindy Schneider, Assistant Professor for Nursing, and Dr. Rhoda Reddix, Director of Service-Learning, have been named members of Governor Edwards' task force subcommittees. During this uncertain time, the Governor has created a task force to address health inequities among communities most impacted by the coronavirus. We are proud to provide support to the Governor and Louisiana as this task force works tirelessly to improve health in every community in our state.

Rhoda Reddix, PhD, Director of Service-Learning and Associate Professor, has been named the Associate Editor for Special Issues for the Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship (JCES). She currently serves on the editorial board for JCES and also serves on the ad hoc committee for Special Issues. JCES is a peer-reviewed journal open to all disciplines seeking to integrate teaching, research, and community engagement to address critical problems through a community-participatory process.

Phil Page, PT, DPT, Research Director and Assistant Professor for the DPT program, recently co-authored an international collaboration article that is a study protocol for evaluating exercise for muscle imbalance syndromes.

Bayattork M, Seidi F, Minoonejad H, Andersen LL, Page P. The effectiveness of a comprehensive corrective exercises program and subsequent detraining on alignment, muscle activation, and movement pattern in men with upper crossed syndrome: protocol for a parallel-group randomized controlled trial. Trials. 2020;21:255.

Cathy Denison-Robert, PhD, MBA, Director of the Business Administration Program and Associate Professor, has been selected for presentation at the Business as Mission (BAM) Global World Congress in Jomtien, Thailand in April/May 2020. The academic presentation is entitled: Connecting the Classroom to the Business World: Strategies to Incorporate Business as Mission (BAM).

Cathy Denison-Robert, PhD, MBA, Associate Professor and Director of the BBA Program, was accepted to present her interactive presentation at the 2020 International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) Annual Conference in Dallas, TX. The approved presentation is entitled, Community Engagement and Project-Based Learning: Solutions to Link the Classroom to the Business World.

Phillip Page, PhD, PT, ATC, FACSM, Research Director and Assistant Professor for the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, presented his research entitled "Critical Appraisal of Research Statistics for Clinicians" at the American Physical Therapy Association meeting in Denver, Colorado. His seminar was designed to help clinicians better understand and utilize research statistics for clinical decision making.

Tinicia Turner, MPA, Director of Career and Leadership Initiatives, was elected in January 2020 to serve a three year term as President-Elect, President, and Past President for the Louisiana Career Development Association. This association strives to enhance career counseling, foster ethical practice, and to support cooperation with organizations related to career development.

FranU was awarded Health Organization of the Year for 2019-2020 during the Louisiana HOSA State Leadership Conference, held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on March 3, 2020. Christy Sevier, Director of Admissions, accepted the award on FranU's behalf. In speaking about the organization, Christy said, "HOSA exposes interested high school students to a wide array of career possibilities in healthcare, and we feel like this is a mission that fits well with the work we do at FranU. We are happy to help support their efforts and provide additional experiences for these students".

Tina Holland, PhD, University President, was featured on the segment "Louisiana Women" which showcases women who are making an impact in the community. The segment aired on NBC and Fox News on March 5. During the interview, Holland spoke about her family, her time in the military, and about opportunities that led her to where she is today.

Phillip Page, PT, DPT, Research Director and Assistant Professor for the DPT program, was co-author on a paper published in the Journal of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation & Disabilities through collaboration of a Chinese and Danish research team. The paper, “Effects of Kinesiology Tape on Post-stroke Patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type 1: A Randomized Control Trial”. Their team found that applying kinesiology tape to the hands and arms of post-stroke patients suffering from CRPS (painful and debilitating condition of the hand and arm) reduced pain and improved function faster than patients not using tape.

Dr. Cathy Denison-Robert, MBA, Associate Professor and Director of the Bachelor of Business Administration program, was asked to be a business expert for 2020 to provide business and workplace resolution guidance for the official blog for Louisiana Job Connection and LA Business Connection by Louisiana Economic Development.

Debanjana Bhattacharya, PhD, Adjunct faculty member for the Biology program, recently published the research article "Anti-virulence activity of polyphenolic fraction isolated from Kombucha against Vibrio cholerae" in the scientific journal "Microbial Pathogenesis".

Angus Woodward, MFA, Associate Professor of Writing, presented a poster entitled "Portrait of a Colleague: An Activity to Foster Faculty Connections" in November 2019 at the Professional and Organizational Development Network Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Angus Woodward, MFA, Associate Professor of Writing, recently had his graphic memoir, "A Dining Room" published in the January 2020 edition of Lumina, the literary magazine for Sarah Lawrence college.

Dr. Phillip Page, Research Director and Assistant Professor for the DPT program, was recently appointed as a collaborative research member of the "International Research Group in Prevention and Health in Exercise and Sports (PHES)" of the University of Valencia, Spain. He has been working with the lead researcher, Dr. Juan Carlos Colado along with TheraBand for a number of years on several collaborative projects that frequently resulted in journal publications and poster presentations at ACSM.

He has also been selected by the scientific committee of the Chinese Physical Therapy Association as an invited keynote speaker at China's National Physical Therapy Congress this summer. He plans to lecture at a physical therapy university in Guangzhou, China immediately prior.

Tammy Vidrine, MRE, Director of Campus Ministry, presented on "Authentic Discipleship: Engaging Young Adults" at the Gulf Coast Conference in New Orleans, LA on Friday, January 10, 2020. Her presentation explored ways to engage today's digital aged young adults in the mission of the Church. It addressed the status of young adults in the Church as laid out in Pope Francis, Apostolic Exhortation, titled Christus Vivit. It also addressed the universal call to holiness, concerns of social media impact on mission, and how to engage passionate young adults in the direction of the mission of the Church.

Shaun Blanchard, PhD, Assistant Professor for the Theology program, published his monograph in December 2019, entitled The Synod of Pistoia and Vatican II: Jansenism and the Struggle for Catholic Reform. Oxford Studies in Historical Theology (Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2019).

Phil Page, PhD, PT, ATC, Director of Research and Assistant Professor for the Doctor of Physical Therapy program, presented a webinar on using biofeedback in shoulder rehabiliation in December 2019, entitled "Advanced clinical applications for sEMG in shoulder rehabilitation using the mTrigger".

Leigh Ann Johnston, PhD, Associate Professor for Communication, has been selected to participate in the 2020 seminar on Teaching Vocational Exploration, offered by the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) through its Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NetVUE). The seminar will be held in Chicago, Illinois from June 22-25, 2020.

Brian Rash, PhD, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, was awarded approximately $628,000 in grant funding from the Franciscan Ministry Fund in supprt of the launch of a Clinical Pastoral Education certification program at FranU. This program will develop a strong workforce that can satisfy the need for highly skilled chaplains and spiritual care coordinators across the Gulf Coast region.

Valerie Saba, BS, MS, Academic Support Coordinator for the Family Nurse Practitioner program, received her Master of Science in Health and Kinesiology from Southeastern Louisiana University on Saturday, Dec. 14, 2019.

Sarah Oliver, MS, RDN, LDN, Academic Support Coordinator for the Nutritional Sciences program, recently received the Lillie S. and Alvin C. Harper Award, given by the LSU Agricultural Center, School of Nutrition and Food Science. As a PhD student at Louisiana State University, Sarah was awarded this monetary scholarship on November 21, 2019.

Paulette McClain, DNP, APRN, AGNP-C, Associate Professor for Nursing, was named a member of the Education Committee for the Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association. As a committee member, she'll participate in the development of educational programs and information for the GAPNA Website and other resources. Members also participate in a faculty Special Interest Group (SIG) in conjunction with the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF).

Kathryn Fakier, MS, RDN, CSO, LDN, Director of Clinical Education for the Nutritional Sciences - Dietetic Internship program, presented at the 2019 Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 29, 2019. Kathryn's research, which she authored along with Patrick Berner, PT, DPT, RDN, was entitled "The Sweet Spot: Advancing Practice Through Partnerships, Interprofessional Education, and Simulation."

Angus Woodward, MFA, Associate Professor and Director for CITE, participated in a panel entitled "Defying Genre Fiction" and also signed copies of his novel Oily at the 2019 Louisiana Book Festival on Saturday, November 2, 2019.

Lynn Browning, DMin, LPC, Director of Counseling, received the Louisiana Counseling Association Professional Development Award presented at the annual LCA Conference in New Orleans, LA on September 30, 2019.

Timothy (Tim) Cordes, EdD, MHS, RRT-NPS, faculty member for the Respiratory Therapy program, completed his Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from Capella University on September 12, 2019. His dissertation was entitled: Effective Mentoring of Clinical Faculty Members within a Health Professions School.

Arts & Sciences Professor, James Houk, PhD, recently had the second edition of his textbook published in the National Social Science Press. The name of the textbook is Introduction to Anthropology.

Citation: Houk, James. Introduction to Anthropology, second edition. El Cajon, CA: National Social Science Press. 2019.

Arts & Sciences Professor, James Houk, PhD, is the author of an article being published in the Oxford Handbook of Caribbean Religion. The article is entitled "Nativism, Revivalism, and the Africanization of the Orisha Religion".

Phillip (Phil) Page, PhD, PT, Assistant Professor and Research Director for the DPT Program, presented a 4 day workshop on muscle imbalance and chronic musculoskeletal pain to 75 physical therapists and physicians in Changzhou, China (near Shanghai). The workshop was held at the China Institute of Sport Science Research Center for Sport Rehabilitation.

In September 2019, Cathy Denison-Robert, PhD, MBA, Associate Professor and Interim Director of the BBA Program, traveled to Brazil as a Global Advance ambassador, speaker, and mission leader. She gave 3 training presentations and was on a Marketplace Business Missions panel. Her presentation topic in the Marketplace Missions Business Conference was entitled “Essentials of Business Success Inspired by the Bible.” In the Esther Initiative Women’s Conference, her workshop topic was on “Servant Leadership and Enhancing Leadership Skills.” Dr. Denison-Robert’s personal presentation while in the impoverished area was on “Putting Your Past Behind You and Moving Forward in Faith.” On the Marketplace Missions Conference final panel discussion, she was the USA Business owner, leader, and university professor with 3 businessmen from Brazil. To end the Business Mission trip, she was a Business Consultant for 4 Brazilian businesses with focus on Marketplace Missions and Business as Mission.

Science faculty members Dr. Natalie Lenard, Daphne Moore, MS, and Dawn Simms, MS, and FranU students partnered with Scholar's Laboratory during STEM at FranU on Saturday, September 14. They provided a mock crime scene investigation for approximately 20 middle and high school students so that they could determine "whodunit" in several lab stations: DNA analysis, hair and fiber analysis, metal flame testing, and blood detection using luminol.

Timothy (Tim) Cordes, EdD, MHS, RRT-NPS, Respiratory Therapy faculty member, completed his Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from Capella University on September 12. His dissertation was entitled: Effective Mentoring of Clinical Faculty Members within a Health Professions School. Please join the School of Health Professions in congratulating Dr. Cordes!

Jeffrey Thompson, DPT, Assistant Professor and Director of Clinical Education for the DPT program, and Michael Ludwig, PhD, Assistant Professor for Anatomy, presented a poster at the Louisiana Physical Therapy Association Fall Meeting held in Baton Rouge on August 23-25, 2019. Their posted was entitled Intervertebral discs and discs hydration: An anatomical and physiological review with implications for the clinical setting. Click here to read their abstract.

Mark Ourso, Contracts and Grants Manager for the Operations and Finance Department, received the Spring 2019 Franciscan Service Award on Monday, August 12. Mark was recognized by his University peers as truly embodying the spirit of St. Francis through his service and joyfulness of spirit. This award is the highest honor that a University employee can receive.

Angus Woodward, MFA, Associate Professor of Writing, was featured in Split Rock Review, a literary journal. Woodward's brief illustrated memoir, entitled "The Witchy House", can be read on Split Rock Review's website.

Sarah Goncalves, MEd, RT(R)(N), CNMT, and Rebecca Simoneaux, MEd, RT(R), Assistant Professors for the Radiologic Technology program, recently published an article entitled The Anatomage Table as a Teaching Tool in Radiologic Technology Education. This article was published in the June 2019 edition of the Louisiana Society of Radiologic Technologists Focal Spot Monitor Journal. The School of Health Professions congratulates Sarah and Rebecca for this accomplishment!

Goncalves, S., & Simoneaux, R. (2019, June). The anatomage table as a teaching tool in radiologic technology education. LSRT Focal Spot Monitor Journal, 31(4), 13-17.

The Office of Admissions, Dr. Albert Swafford, and Dr. Michael Ludwig hosted high school science teachers for a three-day, interactive advanced A&P experience using the anatomage table. FranU faculty reviewed the muscular skeletal & neuro system, cardiopulmonary system, and the gastrointestinal, renal, and endocrinology systems with the teachers. Each day also included a group discussion on best practices and an advanced concepts session.

Dr. Maggie Ozan-Rafferty, Adjunct faculty member for the Master of Health Administration program, was selected as a National Examiner, Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award and will participate in evaluating award applications for the healthcare sector. The Malcolm Balridge National Quality Award was created by the Department of Congress in 1987 and is also administered by them. This award is the highest level of national recognition for performance excellence that an organization or company can receive in the U.S.

Shaun Blanchard, PhD, Assistant Professor of Theology, published the essay titled “Was John Carroll an ‘Enlightened’ Catholic? Resituating the Archbishop of Baltimore as a ‘Third Party’ Prelate,” in the volume Katholische Aufklärung in Europa und Nordamerika, edited by Jürgen Overhoff and Andreas Oberdorf (Göttingen: Wallstein, August 2019). Dr. Blanchard also presented his essay “Which Side of the Alps? Cisalpinism v. Ultramontanism in England (1780–1800),” at the Catholic Record Society conference in York, England, July 8–10, 2019.

Quincy Futrell, MPH, MRC, RRT, Assistant Professor for Respiratory Therapy, was named Big Buddy of the Month for July 2019. Quincy has been paired with his Little Buddy, Joseph Washington, since February of this year.

Amber Poirrier, DNP, CRNA, APRN, Director of Clinical Education, Nurse Anesthesia, graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University on May 18, 2019. She graduated with a Doctor of Nursing Practice. For her Doctor of Nursing practice, she conducted a pilot study on the Impact of Opioid Free Anesthesia in Adult Colorectal Surgical Patients. Congratulations, Dr. Poirrier!

Carla Harmon, PhD,RN, received the Educator of the Year Award from Our Lady of the Lake RMC on Thursday, May 9, 2019. She is an extraordinary instructor of nursing, the epitome of the course values, and well deserving of this award. Congratulations Carla!

As Chair of the Simulation in Medical Training and Education Council of Louisiana, Tabitha Jones-Thomas, MSN, RN, Director of Simulation, organized and facilitated the first Simulation Expo on April 29, 2019. This event, held at the Crowne Plaza in Baton Rouge, was made possibly by funding from the Board of Regents, and allowed simulation users from 29 Louisiana parishes and 4 counties in Mississippi and Texas to attend for a free (a total of 194 participants). The comprehensive agenda covered the key components of simulation education, and provided breakout sessions that included couch conversations and a simulation vendor exhibit.

Tammy Vidrine, MRE, Director of Campus Ministry, was awarded Student Organization Adviser of the Year on 04/26/2019 from the Student Affairs Office at the Student Leadership Banquet for her dedication and involvement in campus ministry and collaboration with students organizations.

Cathy Denison-Robert, PhD, MBA, presented the Faculty Research Platform presentation at the FranU Research and Scholarship Showcase on April 25, 2019. Her presentation, Connecting Students to the "Real-World" - Strategies, Success Stories, and Challenges in Business and Health Administration Courses highlighted course activities that connected her students to the "real" business world.

On April 10-11, 2019, at the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) Annual Conference and Assembly meeting in Las Vegas, Cathy Denison-Robert, PhD, MBA, was honored to present two presentations and was an esteemed judge for the International Urgent Ethical Case Competition.

She presented on a Leadership panel with her topic: Incorporating Servant Leadership and Core Values in the Faith-Based University Business Program.

Her concurrent session presentation was entitled: Connecting Students to "Real-World" Business - Strategies, Success Stories, and Challenges in Business, Management, and Marketing Courses.

The Urgent Ethical Business Case Competition that she judged focused on ethics in business and artificial intelligence. Some of the student teams judged included: Cologne Business School from Germany, University of Guam, Chaminade University of Honolulu, Lincoln College, St. Thomas Aquinas College and others.

ValerieG. Saba, BS, Academic Support Coordinator of the FranU FNP andMSNS programs, presented the results of her scholarly project entitled "Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Prevention" atthe Scholarly Showcase at Southeastern Louisiana University on Tuesday,April 16, 2019. Mrs. Saba's co-author was Millie Naquin, PhD,CHES. The purpose of her project was to identify healthcare beliefsthat affect parental decision making to vaccinate their children to protectagainst HPV infection.

Angus Woodward, Associate Professor of Writing, was an invited guest on Managing Editor Magazine’s podcast, Margins, for an episode entitled, “What I Hear You Saying….” Click here to listen to the episode.

Dr. Deborah Fox, Director of the Medical Laboratory Science program, was awarded the Educator of the Year for the Louisiana Society for Clinical Laboratory Science on 4/10/2019 in Monroe Louisiana. Dr. Fox was nominated by her students for her dedication and commitment to them and the program. Congratulations, Dr. Fox.

Kathryn Fakier, MS, RDN, CSO, LDN, Director of Clinical Education received the Young Dietitian of the Year Award from the Louisiana Associate of Nutrition and Dietetics. Kathryn demonstrated: 1. Active participation in the national, state, or district association 2. Concern for the promotion of optimal health and nutritional status of the population and 3. Leadership, in legislation, education, and leadership. Congratulations Kathryn for a job well done!

Cathy Denison-Robert, Phd, MBA was a Judge for Impromptu Public Speaking during the National Christian Forensics and Communication Association (NCFCA) Regional Speech and Debate Tournament in Baton Rouge on March 6, 2019. NCFCA’s mission is to promote excellence in communications through competitive opportunities where homeschool students develop the skills necessary to think critically and communicate effectively to address life issues from a biblical worldview in a manner that glorifies God.

Quincy T Futrell, MRC, MPH, RRT, was inductedinto the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi after completing his Masters degree atYoungstown State University in Respiratory Therapy with a 4.0.

Meridith Bergeron, EdD recently presented at OLC Accelerate with Tawyna Means, PhD and Sarah Fornero, EdD and was recognized as a Best-in-Track presenter for Research.

The topic presented was "Measuring Online Graduate Student Connectedness and Engagement Activities that Impact Completion Rates" (Track: Research) – Presenters: Meridith Bergeron, Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University; Tawnya Means, University of Nebraska-Lincoln – College of Business; and Sarah Fornero, Adler University.

Read more about OLC Keynoters, Best-in-Track Sessions, and Conference Highlights for OLC Accelerate 2018 here.

SusanSteele-Moses, DNS, APRN-CNS, Dean of the School of Health Professions, co-authored a paperwith Drs. Eileen Creel and Ann Carruth, " Recruitment Attributes Important to New Nurse Graduates Employed on Adult Medical-Surgical Units," whichwas published in the September-October 2018 edition of MEDSURG Nursing, theofficial journal of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses.

On May 4, 2018, at the Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (CCSBE) Annual Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Dr. Cathy Denison-Robert, MBA, collaborated with Dean Mike Henry from Thompson Rivers University in British Columbia, Canada. Dr. Denison-Robert and Dr. Mike Henry presented a workshop entitled Small Business Success Stories and Lessons Learned from the Business Field to the Entrepreneurship and Business Classrooms in Canada and in the USA.

While at the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) Annual Conference and Assembly Meeting on April 18, 2018, Dr. Cathy Denison-Robert, MBA was an esteemed Judge of the 2018 IACBE Student Live Business Case-Study Challenge. The competition included university student teams from around the globe, including Cologne Business School in Germany, University of Guam, St. Thomas Aquinas College, Chaminade University of Honolulu, Ohio Valley University, Belhaven University, Dean College, and University of Holy Cross in New Orleans.

Dr. Cathy Denison-Robert, MBA, presented a poster session at the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) Annual Conference and Assembly Meeting on April 18-19, 2018 in New Orleans, LA. The poster was entitled Enhancing Success in Business and the Workplace: Incorporating In-Demand Skills in Business Courses.

Susan Steele-Moses, Dean, School of Health Professions, is serving on the editorial board of the AFCU Journal.

Dr. Cathy Denison-Robert, MBA, facilitated a workshop, “Success in Business and the Workplace: Enhancing Your In-Demand Skills” on May 31, 2017, at Our Lady of the Lake College, A Franciscan University. A light lunch was sponsored by Pinnacle Home Health and Hospice.

The workshop focused on various in-demand skills and attributes needed to be successful in business and in the workplace. Some key skills included professionalism, communication, time management, servant leadership, decision making, teamwork, and others.

Hands-on, interactive business exercises were included to help each participant to improve and grow, personally, and in the workplace. Participants were from the community, from Our Lady of the Lake College, and from Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center.

In the photo, the Success Workshop Facilitators and Team Leaders are as follows, from left to right: Mr. Jody Robert, M.Div., Community Liaison and Chaplain from Pinnacle Home Health and Hospice, Cathy Denison-Robert, PhD, MBA, Workshop Facilitator and Assistant Professor, Dr. Leigh Ann Johnston, Workshop Team Leader and Assistant Professor, and Mr. Tom Bell, Workshop Team Leader and Community Participant.

Dr. Cathy Denison-Robert, Ph.D., MBA, was accepted to present two national presentations at the International Accreditation Council for Business Education’s (IACBE) Annual Conference and Assembly Meeting in San Francisco, California, from April 18-21, 2017. She presented both a concurrent session and a poster presentation.

Her concurrent session, Developing and Implementing Marketing and Business Project-Based, Service-Learning Courses provided participants with the “Nuts and Bolts” for developing and implementing a Marketing and Business Project-Based Learning course while incorporating Service-Learning. Both success stories and difficulties were presented from projects representing 12 Marketing and Healthcare Marketing Service-Learning projects from nine different non-profit organizations and two small businesses. Work with non-profit organizations impacted by the Great Flood of 2016 was showcased.

Dr. Denison-Robert’s poster presentation at IACBE was entitled Creating a Winning Edge - Small Business Success Stories and Applying Lessons Learned from the Business Field to Business Administration, Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Classrooms.

A book chapter, Centralized and Decentralized Approaches to Managing e-Learning, co-authored by Meridith Zepp Bergeron, M.Ed. and Sarah C. Fornero, M.A. is in press for “Leading and Managing e-Learning: What the e-Learning Leader Needs to Know.” Ms. Bergeron is the Director of Educational Technology at Our Lady of the Lake College, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States, and a Doctoral Candidate in Educational Technology at the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, United States. Her co-author is the Associate Vice President of Educational Design and Innovation at Adler University, Chicago, Illinois, United States, and a Doctoral Candicate in Educational Technology at the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, United States. The book is edited by Anthony A. Piña, Victoria L. Walker, and Bruce R. Harris and provides insights and expertise from more than 50 instructional technology leaders and professionals from over 30 different institutions across the country. While faculty, instructional designers and others can benefit from the information in this book, it has been designed primarily to assist the educational leader or manager who does not come from a background of formal training in educational technology, instructional design or distance education.

Rhoda Reddix, PhD, Associate Professor, Director of Service Learning presented a podium presentation at the 2017 Gulf South Summit on Service-Learning Conference entitled: Caring for the Medically Underserved: Pre-Clinical Physician Assistant Students Gain an Awareness of Social Determinants of Health that Impact Access to Healthcare for Indigent Populations Through Service-Learning Experiences. Co-Authors included: Sarah Deyo, MMS, PA-C, Program Director Physician Assistant Program; Corey Hall, Primary Care Collaborative Clinic, and Michele Broome, Volunteer Health Corps.

Mrs. Rebecca C. Simoneaux, M.A., R.T.(R), Assistant Professor was promoted on January 4, 2017 to the Interim Clinical Coordinator position for the Radiologic Technology Program. Congratulations, Rebecca.

Nicole St. Germain, MSRS, RT(R), Interim Program Director, Radiologic Technology, graduated from Northwestern State University of Louisiana on December 16, 2016 with a Master of Science degree in Radiologic Sciences. Subsequent to her graduation, Mrs. St. Germain was promoted to the Interim Program Director position on January 4, 2017. Congratulations, Nicole!

Dr. Cathy L. Denison-Robert, PhD, MBA, Assistant Professor, presented an interactive workshop at the Gulf South Summit on Service-Learning and Civic Engagement through Higher Education on March 23, 2017 entitled Developing and Implementing Marketing Service-Learning Projects that address Health Disparities, Foster Equity, and Serve Those Most in Need. The main goal of the presentation was to provide the “Nuts and Bolts” to develop and implement Marketing, Business, and Health Administration service-learning courses and projects with emphasis on assisting non-profit organizations who are working to eliminate health disparities, foster justice, treat the underprivileged, and are recovering from a major flood disaster. The complete program is available at:http://www.gulfsouthsummit.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Gulf_South_Summit__17-Program.pdf

Cathy L. Denison-Robert, PhD, MBA, Assistant Professor presented a podium presentation at the Louisiana Phi Beta Lambda State Leadership Conference on March 24, 2017 entitled Incorporating core values in courses through Service-Learning and Problem Based Learning Pedagogies.

Seven faculty from the School of Health Professions were accepted to present their work at the University's Research and Scholarship Showcase on April 20, 2017. Their presentations include:

Albert N. Swafford, Jr. PhD, Associate Professor, Research Director, Physician Assistant Program : Darrow- Yannet Box Plots Overestimate Total Body Water as a Percentage of Body Weight in Individuals with a Body Mass Index Greater than 25kg/ m^2Kathryn Fakier, MS, RDN, CSO, LDN, Instructor, Assistant Director, Nutritional Sciences Program: Implementation of a Malnutrition Documentation Program at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical CenterRebecca Simoneaux, M.Ed., R.T.(R), Assistant Professor, Clinical Coordinator, Radiologic Technology Program: Interdisciplinary Collaboration among Human and Veterinary Medicine to Improve Health care Delivery OutcomesDeborah Fox, PhD, MT(ASCP), Associate Professor, Director, Medical Laboratory Science Program: Investigation of “Value Added” by Service Learning and Vocation in the Clinical Laboratory Science Education CourseNicole St. Germain, MSRS, RT(R), Instructor, Director, Radiologic Technology Program: Simulation as an Educational MethodSarah Goncalves, BS, R.T. (R)(N), CNMT, Instructor, Radiologic Technology Program: Interdisciplinary Collaboration among Human and Veterinary Medicine to Improve Health care Delivery Outcomes Rhoda A. Reddix, PhD, Associate Professor, Physician Assistant Program; Director of Service Learning: Computer-Assisted Content Analysis of Student Responses to Service-Learning Reflection Questions Using Nvivo 10 and MS Excel Software