Accelerated 3 + 2 Pathway to Physician's Assistant Studies

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***Effective in the 19-20 academic year. Please see the 18-19 catalog for the current requirements.***

This expanded program is designed to allow highly qualified students the opportunity for acceptance into Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University's 26 month PA program (professional phase) after successfully mastering the initial 3.5 years of biology-human medicine curriculum (pre-professional phase). This program shortens the total amount of time to receive an MMS: Physician Assistant degree by 6 months to 1 year. Ultimately, these students will graduate with both a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology-Human Medicine Track and a Master of Medical Science degree in Physician Assistant studies.

School of Arts and Sciences
Physician Assistant (PA)


Curriculum Notes:

Total hours for Bachelor of Science degree is 129 credit hours (111 from pre-professional phase and 18 hours from professional phase).

If admitted into the PA program, students begin the program in Semester 9 (spring semester). For information on the PA curriculum, visit

Humanities electives may be taken from ART, ENGL, MUSI, PHIL, THEO, or SPAN courses; 6 hours must be from the same discipline. Social Sciences electives may be taken from ANTH, PSYC, or SOCI courses. Human Biology electives may be taken from the following: BIOL 3320, BIOL 3340, BIOL 3370, BIOL 3380, BIOL 4325, BIOL 4330, BIOL 4335, BIOL 4340, BIOL 4345, BIOL 4350, or BIOL 4365