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Students in the Accelerated 3+3 Pathway to DPT Studies (1) Apply early to FranU’s DPT program and 2) Secure guaranteed acceptance provided they meet certain benchmarks. This early admission pathway allows FranU Biology-Human Medicine students who meet the minimum requirements for admission to the DPT program to apply early and essentially skip the fourth year of undergraduate courses. Some (20) of the required 122 undergraduate credits are replaced with 27 graduate credits and the student receives the bachelor’s degree in Biology while in the DPT program.The 3+3 pathway also embeds opportunities for students to meet the DPT program’s observation requirements (60-100 hours) at clinics affiliated with the DPT program.

The 3+3 Pathway to DPT Studies has no admissions requirements beyond those of FranU. To be considered for guaranteed admission to the DPT program, students must meet certain benchmarks equivalent to the average values of the last three cohorts of FranU DPT students (please see below).

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Program Requirements

•Transfer students have completed fewer than 33 of the required undergraduate credit hours

•Applicants to FranU’s DPT program complete all requirements for application

•For guaranteed admission, applicants meet these benchmarks:

•GPA 3.5 or higher (compared to 3.0 minimum)

•GRE 295 or higher (compared to 290 minimum)


Curriculum Notes:

Total hours for Bachelor of Science in Biology - Pre-Professional Human Medicine Degree = 122 credit hours (102 pre-professional phase and 20 professional phase)

Students apply to the PA program in Semester 5/6. If admitted to the DPT program, students begin the program in Semester 8 (fall semester). For information on the DPT curriculum, click here.

Social Sciences/Behavioral Science electives may be taken from subjects ANTH, ECON, HIST, POLI, PSYC, RELS, SOCI.

Ethics/Philosophy elective courses are PHIL 2315, PHIL 2320, THEO 3345, THEO 3350, THEO 3360.

Humanities electives may be taken from subjects ENGL, MUSI, ART, HIST, HUMN, PHIL, RELS, THEO.